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Tasks are compiled by the Task Bot. When something is finished in a "Task List" it is moved to a new section or removed depending on how far the task is completed. Below is what certain things mean.

What are tasks?

Tasks are simply improvements to certain pages that need to be completed. The Task Bot makes it simple by formating them in the list below by categorizing each of the articles found in certain categories. You can view the categories that the Task Bot reviews by visiting the Task Bot user page.

Full Task List

These are the current tasks that have been gathered by the Task Bot. This list is updated every 12 hours.

These are just items found by the task bot, but there are other pages and items to look at that are not indexed by the bot.

Information on 'How You Can Help'

These give a brief overview on what each section means and what could be done about it.

These articles are tagged as copyright violations. They should get extra attention or be deleted in accordance with the deletion policy.


These items have been tagged with one of the delete tags, i.e. nominated for deletion. They still have to go through the deletion process.

See Category:Candidates for deletion

Requested articles

These articles have been requested for creation. Though they seem to "have" an article, they are usually just tagged with the {{requested}} template. These are usually future items to be worked on.

See Category:Requested Pages


These items have been marked with the cleanup tag. This indicates that some people think that the article or page thinks needs updating.

See Category:Articles to be Cleaned Up


The merger of these articles and at least one other (which should also be listed) has been suggested.

See Category:Articles suggested to be merged


These articles are currently being translated into another language.

See Category:Articles being translated


These items have been marked with the cleanup tag. This indicates that some people think that the article or page thinks needs expansion.

See Category:Articles Needing Expansion


These articles are present but too short to adequately cover their topic.

See Category:Stub Pages

Major stubs

These are stubs about topics which are important enough to come up often, and they therefore prompt significant attention.

See Category:Major Stub Pages


These articles are judged by some to be in some way biased. While they likely need attention, care should be taken to review the talk page for relevant discussion.

See Category:NPOV disputes


These articles contain statements which are neither readily apparent nor followed by a citation to appropriate sources.

See Category:Articles requiring citations