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New Cap City Dreadnaught
New Cap City Dreadnaught
Race: Colonial
Type: Virtual military
Propulsion: 10x diesel internal combustion engines
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XO: {{{xo}}}
Role: Virtual aircraft carrier/battlewagon
Weapons: {{{weapons}}}
Armaments: 15x 15" guns
10x 5.9" guns
36x 2.95" guns
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Aircraft: Virtual Vintage Vipers
Aviation facilities: {{{facilities}}}
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Emblem: [[Image:{{{patch}}}|175px|Ship's patch]]
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Game Information
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Speed: {{{speed}}} m/s
Turn Rate: {{{turn rate}}}°/turn
Armor Sum
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DRADIS Range: {{{dradis range}}} m
Processing Power: {{{processing power}}}
Munition Slots: {{{munitions}}}
Munition Cooldown Period: {{{munition cooldown}}} turns
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Additional Information

The Dreadnaught (or Dirigible) is an airship or lighter-than-air aircraft that patrols the skies of the virtual world environment known as New Cap City.

Outfitted with an array of weapons, the dirigible is seen as a real threat by gamers in New Cap City - including Tad "Heracles" Thorean, who warned Joseph Adama about its danger shortly before being derezzed himself (CAP: "The Imperfections of Memory"). Carrying a number of assault vehicles, the dirigible is capable of launching vintage Vipers and autogyros to strafe the streets of New Cap City (CAP: "There is Another Sky" and "Ghosts in the Machine").


  • The name Dreadnaught is never spoken on screen, but is derived from materials prepared by Doug Drexler for 2010 Emmy Awards voters. In them, Drexler described the dirigible as:
The imposing New Cap City dreadnaught is a rigid airship serving as a flying aircraft carrier/battlewagon. Trolling the concrete canyons like some airborne leviathan, the ship is outfitted with a formidable array of weaponry including fifteen 15 guns, ten 5.9 guns, thirty six 2.95 guns, all propelled by ten enormous diesel internal combustion engines. All guns, engines and radar masts are articulated. The dreadnaught is 5244775 polygons. [1]
  • The dirigible first appears in the Caprica opening title sequence which premiered in episode 2, "Rebirth". It was, however, not featured in an episode until "There is Another Sky," "The Imperfections of Memory" and "Things We Lock Away". It also appears in "Ghosts in the Machine" which reuses footage from "There is Another Sky".