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These are the Quotes of the Day for February.

President Laura Roslin: Colonel, once we find the fleet, I'd like to have a word with you.

Colonel Saul Tigh: There's nothing to talk about. You went up against the old man and you lost.


President Laura Roslin: Doctor, I need your help. But it's illegal, dangerous, and in violation of your oath as an officer.

Doctor Cottle: You’re a lousy salesman.


"Stupid frakking thing couldn't come with a handbook? No, because that would just be too logical, wouldn't it?"
--Lieutenant Kara Thrace (Home, Part II)

"You know, Madame President, I've never been particularly interested in politics. I never wanted any lofty position of power. I never wanted to be the Vice President. That is, until this very moment. Because right now, I can't think of anything I want more."
--Vice President Gaius Baltar (Black Market)

Kara Thrace raises a toast to all of the pilots that have died since the war began:

Captain Kara Thrace: To BB, Jo-Jo, Reilly, Beano, Dipper, Flat Top, Chuckles, Jolly, Crashdown, Sheppard, Dash, Flyboy, Stepchild, Puppet, Fireball...(stops, crying)
Captain Lee Adama: To all of 'em.
Admiral William Adama: So say we all.
Pilots: So say we all!
Thrace: So say we all.


Captain Kara Thrace: You know the President says that we're saving humanity for a bright, shiny future. On Earth. That you and I are never gonna see. We're not. Because we go out over and over again until someday, some metal motherfrakker is gonna catch us on a bad day and just blow us away.

Captain Lee Adama: Bright, shiny futures are overrated anyway.
Thrace: That is why we gotta get what we can. Right now.


Commander William Adama: You’ve lost your way, Sergeant. You’ve lost sight of the purpose of the law: to protect its citizens, not persecute them. Whatever we are, whatever’s left of us – we’re better than that. Now these proceedings are closed. You’ll be transported back to your ships and we appreciate your help.

Board Chair: This is an independent board. You have no power to close our inquiries.
Adama: This is a witch-hunt. I will not have it aboard my ship.


Colonel Saul Tigh: Why aren't you in the brig?

Billy Keikeya: Um... because no one put me in there?


Captain Lee Adama: You know what gets me? I know that in two weeks, I won't remember his face. I can't remember any of their faces after they're killed. No matter how hard I try, they just fade.

Captain Kara Thrace: I don't even remember their names.
Adama: Names. Oh, let's see, there was- there was Flat Top. (Thrace spits some of her drink on him) Who bought it on his thousandth landing. There was Chuckles. (Thrace spits out some more drink) Stop it, already. Please, not funny. All right. It's not funny.
Thrace: It is funny.


"Did it ever occur to you that the admiralty may have set you up to provoke a war they wanted? It's naïve to think that horrible things that we can't understand have simple explanations. Because simple explanations make us feel like we have control when we don't. We know why the Cylons attacked us and it wasn't any o­ne thing. Oh my Gods. We did a thousand things, good and bad, every day for 40 years, to pave the way for those attacks." --Laura Roslin, to William Adama after he attempts to resign (Hero)

"To marriage. Why we build bars."
-- Galen Tyrol (Taking a Break From All Your Worries)

"I'm talking about right and wrong. I'm talking about losing a piece of our souls. No o­ne wants to hear that, right? Let's keep it o­n me. Yeah, I'm married to a Cylon. Who walked through hell for all of us how many times? And she's not half anything, okay. How do we know there aren't others like her? She made a choice. She's a person. They're a race of people. Wiping them out with a biological weapon is a crime against -- is a crime against humanity." --Helo, after the Fleet's leadership decides to attempt genocide of the Cylons (A Measure of Salvation)

Tom Zarek: This is Tom Zarek, President of the Twelve Colonies. It's over, Laura. Saul Tigh was killed attempting to escape. Bill Adama was tried and found guilty of his crimes. A firing squad executed him this morning. It's done, Laura. You need to think about the people of this fleet and surrender.

Laura Roslin: No... Not now... Not ever! Do you hear me?!I will use every cannon... every bomb... every bullet, every weapon I have down to my own eye teeth to end you! I SWEAR IT! I'M COMING FOR ALL OF YOU!

--"Blood on the Scales"

Lt. Karl Agathon: Truth is, if something happened to you I wouldn't know how to deal with it.

Sharon Valerii: I feel the same way.
Agathon: Back on the ship, I, uh... look, I knew what was going on. I mean, between you and the Chief.
Valerii: I think everybody did.
Agathon: And I respected it, your feelings, his, but... I would have given anything to be him. Hey, I'm not trying to put you on the spot, here. I don't wanna step into what you two have. You feel the way you feel and I have to respect that... (She kisses him.)

--Six Degrees of Separation

The Cylon representatives, aboard Galactica:

Number Three: The weapons are hardly necessary.
Cavil (sarcastically, clasping his hands): Yes. Exactly. We come in peace.

--The Eye of Jupiter

Commander William Adama: Congratulations to both of you. You carried out a very difficult and dangerous mission, and you did it...despite any...personal misgivings you may or may not have had...and for that I'm very proud. Thank you.

Lt. Margaret Edmondson: Thank you, sir.
Lt. Sharon Valerii: Thank you, sir. (pulls out a gun and shoots Adama in the chest)

--Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II

"We don't strike deals with terrorists. We can't. We give them Sharon Valerii, we're inviting terrorism and we weaken our position permanently, you know that. Gentlemen, everyone in that room is someone's son, someone's wife, someone's mother. Billy is the closest thing that I have to family left in this world. And if you don't think that that... confuses things emotionally for me- let's not be naive."
--President Laura Roslin (Sacrifice)

President Laura Roslin: Is this what you gave 'em?

Admiral William Adama: It was a calculated risk.
Roslin: It wasn't worth it.


Commander Barry Garner: I need to go down there. You have the conn.

Major Lee Adama: Yes, sir... (Pegasus crew looks at Adama in disbelief) I have the conn.

--The Captain's Hand

Sharon Agathon: So you sure you want to go in the second seat again? I mean, I hear you're a pretty fair pilot now.

Margaret Edmondson: Well, too many pilots, not enough birds. Anything to keep me flying, at this point. You want me, I'm yours, Boomer.
Sharon Agathon: Uh, no... Boomer was… She was someone else.
Helo: (speaks to other pilots in the rec room) Listen up. We need a new call sign for Lieutenant Agathon.
Various pilot voices: Chrome Dome! Titania! Lightbulb! Wind-up Toy! Raptor Adapter! Microchip! Digital Dame! Mayflower! Carburetor! Tin Can! Toaster Babe! Transistor! Robopilot!
Hot Dog: How about "Athena"?
Helo: Wait, wait, wait, wait. What was that?
Hotdog: You know, the Goddess of Wisdom and War. Usually accompanied by the Goddess of Victory?
(Silence. The Agathons smile.)
Another pilot, quietly: She likes it.
Helo: Athena it is!


"Frak the odds! We're going to find her!"
-- William Adama (You Can't Go Home Again)

Captain Kara Thrace: Welcome aboard, Major.

Major Lee Adama: I didn't expect a welcoming committee.

Thrace: Don't flatter yourself. I was in the neighborhood.

--The Captain's Hand

Commander Barry Garner: I have a problem. That problem's name is Kara Thrace.

Major Lee Adama: I-I know to handle her, sir. And for the record, she is one hell of a Viper pilot.

Garner: What? I should cut her some slack because she's good in the cockpit. Is that what you're saying? Because nobody ever cut us any slack in the engine room. I could tell you that right now. But then, uh, I don't know, maybe being a snipe is different than being a Viper jockey. No flashy stunts for us. No flying by the seat of our pants down there! The engine room is like a finely tuned watch, and everything in it needs to be monitored and maintained in a very precise fashion. Nobody freelances. Everything is done in the proper way, at the proper time, in the proper order! Or there'd be no power. No lights. No hot showers for your flyboys. You know, Major, I think some of the people around here could learn a thing or two from the snipes.

--The Captain's Hand

"Since assuming the presidency, I've made it my mission to maintain the rights and freedoms we so enjoyed prior to the attack. One of these rights has now come into direct conflict with the survival of the species. And I find myself forced to make a very difficult decision. The issue is stark. The fact is that if the civilization is to survive, we must, must repopulate this fleet. Therefore, I'm issuing an executive order. From this day forward, anyone seeking to interfere with a birth of child, whether it be the mother...or a medical practitioner, shall be subject to criminal penalty. Thank you."
--President Laura Roslin's address to the Fleet on the issue of abortion (The Captain's Hand)

President Laura Roslin: If you're a Cylon, I'd like to know.

Commander William Adama: If I'm a Cylon, you're really screwed.

--Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down

[ Chief Tyrol finds Gaius Baltar standing alone in the Temple of Five ]

Tyrol: Welcome home, Mr. President. (Pistol-whips Baltar, knocking him unconscious)


Caprica-Six: This house was on a bluff over a lake. I always loved the view. Sunlight on the water. It's my favorite spot in the universe.

Virtual Baltar : Yeah, it's magical. Too bad you nuked it.
Caprica-Six: After I downloaded, I went back to the ruins of his house.
Sharon Valerii: Why?
Caprica-Six: Like you, I was looking for some sort of connection to him. Found a few of his things. Even held onto them for awhile. But I realized they were keeping me from truly embracing my new life.
Valerii: So what'd you do with them?
Caprica-Six: I burned them. But I felt liberated.
Virtual Baltar: Yeah, it's a beautiful story, isn't it? Shame it's all a pack of lies.


Colonel Saul Tigh: I can't believe you sided with that woman against the old man. I wouldn't do that if you put a gun to my head...and you did! As far as I'm concerned, you're not fit to wear a uniform.

Captain Lee Adama: Huh. You're right about that part. I am not fit to wear the uniform...and maybe I never was. Then again, neither are you. But this isn't my ship, and it sure as hell isn't yours. It's his, and when he wakes up, he'll decide what to do with the both of us. (Lee leaves)
Tigh: Thank the Gods I didn't have kids.

--Valley of Darkness


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