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Today's Quote

Quote of the Day
Wilkens: So who the hell is Tom Zarek?

Billy Keikeya: He's a freedom fighter. He's a— he's a prisoner of conscience.
Petty Officer Anastasia Dualla: He's a butcher.
Keikeya: His colony was exploited by the other 11 for centuries. His people were marginalized, brutalized...
Dualla: I'm from Sagittaron, and that man does not speak for all of us. He blew up a government building, and there is no excuse for that.
--Bastille Day


The following pages contain the lists of quotes used on the "Quote of the Day" portion of the Main Page. Right now, they are selected by date. Please try to adhere to these standards.


This is an overview of the calendar. Anything that is red-linked requires a quote.

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Special Thanks

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