War of the Gods/Deleted scenes

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From the DVD set

From the episode script

  • After Apollo, Starbuck, and Sheba land on the red planet, they look "off in the distance. A lone figure stands at the crest of the hill... strangely backlighted... his cloak blowing in the breeze as from behind him the sky suddenly darkens and gives way to a bolt of lightning." Then "he slowly turns and descends the crest, disappearing behind it." The three run after him and then find the crashed ship in the crater.
  • Before leaving the planet, Apollo asks Count Iblis if he has ever heard of Earth.
Iblis: "I have been there."
Sheba: "Then you know where it is?"
Iblis: "Yes."
  • After Adama demands from Tigh to know why Iblis was taken to the bridge, Sheba attempts to take Iblis to the rejuvenation center, but he says,
Iblis: "No... It's time to find Commander Adama."
Sheba: "Adama... you know him?"
Iblis: "Someone must have mentioned his name on the bridge. Was it incorrect? Is he not your leader?"
Sheba: "Oh, he's our leader, all right. This way..."
  • After Sheba says to Apollo,
Sheba: "...you're far less sensitive than I thought you were"
and leaves, Apollo looks after her and says,
Apollo: "She thinks I'm insensitive."
Starbuck: "YOU? If she thinks YOU'RE insensitive, where does that leave me?"
  • Not long after Iblis first meets Adama, the commander sits at his desk and speaks into his voicegraph,
Adama: "Despite precautions, word of the mysterious stranger has swept throughout the fleet. His promises giving our people the first real hope they've had in a quarter yahren. Still... his presence, his unwillingness to submit to routine medical procedures leaves me with grave doubts about the integrity of his mind or his ability to deliver true service. One more major disappointment in the lives of our poor beleagured survivors might spell the end of our journey, or my ability to maintain order. Still, the possibility of hope..."
  • On the agro ship, Iblis touches a tree, leaning against it. He tells Sheba,
Iblis: "Apollo is in your thoughts, but there is something... no someone else even more important."
When Iblis and Sheba kiss, an old farmer comes around the corner and sees them, then turns away. When the lights appear and Iblis takes Sheba in his arms, he says,
Iblis: "Yes, but you are safe with me... They cannot touch you, so long as I am inside you..."
The second sentence was removed by the censors due to its possible double-meaning. Anne Lockhart said the segment had to be reshot numerous times because she kept bursting into laughter every time Patrick Macnee spoke the line.
  • On the Gemini freighter, after Apollo asks Iblis how he will deliver on his promises, Iblis paces away for a beat. He stops and thinks and listens. In his thoughts we see an image of the agro ships with the white lights streaking by... then disappearing. Iblis then tells Apollo to go to the agro ship and see for himself. This provides some proof of Apollo's later theory that it was the white lights rather than Count Iblis that caused the food on the agro ship to grow and multiply.
  • Adama sits in his quarters and thinks about what has happened with the food:
Adama: "Though our pilots have now been missing for nearly a secton, spirits throughout the fleet remain inordinately high due to the presence of Count Iblis and his nightly feats of magic and promise. Would that the Lords might tell me if he is our deliverer or our doom. I don't know which way to turn."
  • In the council chambers, Iblis enters and Adama rises and says,
Adama: "Count Iblis... May I present our Council of Twelve... If we are to turn our destiny over to you.. it is they who must make the final decision."
Iblis: "You have agreed on three tests of my strength..."
  • After Baltar surrenders and the council ajourns, Adama sits alone in his quarters, and Athena enters.
Athena: "Father... come with me. I want you to attend the games."
Adama: "I'm sorry, Athena, I can't think of games at a time like this..."
Athena: "Father, you sound just like Apollo. He's decided not to play tonight. It's almost started a revolution within the ships."
Adama: "So that's why you want me there. To convince Apollo to play."
Athena: "Father, I don't think you understand how much these games have come to mean to everyone. At least you have command to occupy your thoughts. Some of these people have nothing to look forward to."
Adama: "Yes, and... I've heard the wagering and rivalrys are causing trouble throughout the fleet."
Athena: "Father, tonight is a special game. A championship. If Apollo doesn't play..."
Adama: "I can't force him to compete... But I will speak to him."
Athena: "Thank you."
  • In a small locker area, Starbuck is taping his hands with aluminum tape as Boomer rounds a cabinet and comes into proximity.
Boomer: "Without Apollo, I believe I'm about to win my first championship."
Starbuck: "Thanks for the confidence, Boomer, but I can take you even with a substitute."
Boomer: "You're taking this awfully well for a guy about to lose a championship over petty jealousy."
Starbuck: "Apollo's not playing hasn't anything to do with Count Iblis and Sheba. I don't feel any better about playing this game than Apollo. Eight of our best men have disappeared without a trace. Here we are wagering... laughing... shouting... It doesn't seem right."
Boomer: "But you're going through with it."
Starbuck: "Boomer... We get out of these metal boxes once in a while... It keeps us from going crazy. What about the rest of the people in the fleet? Some of them have nothing else in their lives than what little entertainment these games provide..."
Starbuck: (starts to move off.) "Besides, it helps me get rid of some of my hostilities... So look out..."
  • After the triad game on the Rising Star, when Starbuck and Apollo enter the festive area, Iblis is enjoying himself as Sheba is curled up beside him. When he sees Starbuck and Apollo, he becomes less enthused.
  • After Starbuck says, "Why do I get the feeling I'd like this place you come from", Iblis puts an arm around Starbuck and says, "Come my young friend... Drink... That is a commandment."
Starbuck: (grins) "Can't offend a guest."
Iblis: "More than a guest, Starbuck... Soon to be your Lord..."
  • The morning after the party on the Rising Star, after the alert is sounded and the pilots wearily get up, there is a scene that occurs in the launch bay.
Boomer: "I'm sorry, Apollo... Starbuck. I deserve irons for this kind of behavior. I just don't know what happened last night."
Apollo: "I think I do."
Starbuck: "Don't bother explaining it to me right now. I'm having trouble finding my left eyelid..."
Apollo: "Can you fly?"
Starbuck: "We'll soon find out, won't we?"
  • Not long after Boomer disappears, there is a scene where Starbuck, Apollo, and Dr. Wilker are conducting an investigation on the agro ship.
Farmer: "It's just like you see... bumper crops... Every tree is producing like nothing I've ever seen."
Wilker: "Yes... except one... That one over there..."
Farmer: "Oh, yeah... Now that is a little odd. I noticed that just a little while ago."
Wilker: "What happened to it?"
(The older farmer looks off as the Doctor walks up to the tree where Iblis and Sheba had conferred)
Farmer: "I can't tell you... It's a mystery to me... It was as healthy as could be yesterday."
Wilker: "Curious... It seems completely dead, and in so short a time."
Farmer: "I'll tell you who might now. That miracle worker, Count Iblis, or whatever they call him."
Apollo: "What's he got to do with it?"
Farmer: "He must have seen that there was something wrong with it... He was standing right there next to it where you're standing now."
(Apollo and Starbuck exhange looks)
Starbuck: "Did he touch it?"
Farmer: "Well, I didn't want to be nosey, him and the girl carrying on and all. But, yes... I think he did pull a leaf off... Sure enough right about there..."
(Apollo and Starbuck again exchange looks)
Wilker: "Well, that can't have anything to do with this bumper crop of food. I'd like to get back to my lab right away if it's all right, Captain."
Apollo: "Let's go..."
(If Iblis' touch was enough to kill the tree, then it provides more proof that it was the white lights that caused the crops to grow.)
  • After Adama gives Tigh a false explanation for Apollo taking the shuttle, Tigh addresses Athena.
Tigh: "The shuttle that just launched... Has it communicated its docking instructions with one of the passenger ships?"
Athena: "Passenger ships? I don't think I understand. Shuttle Alpha just headed off across the quadrant."
Tigh: "Across the quadrant?"
Athena: "Is something wrong?"
Tigh: "No... What could be wrong..."
(Tigh moves off... again a little disoriented, but not confused)
  • After Count Iblis storms out of Adama's quarters and Adam goes after him, Adama finds the corridor empty. He leans against the bulkhead... heavy in pain. Suddenly from around the corner, Sheba appears. She is almost running when she reaches Adama who appears to be crying.
Sheba: "Adama... What is it?"
Adama: "We have sold our souls to a demon."
Sheba: "What are you talking about?"
Adama: "Count Iblis..."
Sheba: "The answer to our prayers. Our deliverer."
Adama: "Tell that to my son... and Starbuck."
Sheba: "Where are they?"
Adama: "They have gone to prove Count Iblis for what he is."
(Tigh suddenly rounds the corner and is upon them)
Tigh: "Commander, are you all right?"
Adama: "Did you tell the Count where Starbuck and Apollo went?"
Tigh: "I didn't tell him anything about the shuttle. But he knew..."
Adama: "Is he still on board?"
Tigh: "So far as I know. Nothing else has launched towards the planet where we found his ship."
Sheba: "So that's where they've gone? Those fools... All of you. Don't you know what you've done? We gave our word."
(She turns and runs off up the corridor.)
Tigh: "Sheba..."
Adama: "Let her go. She's too blinded by Iblis to listen. Quickly, Tigh. We must find him."
Tigh: "I don't think I understand."
Adama: "That's because it's almost incomprehensible."
  • When Starbuck and Apollo look into the wreckage of the ship, this is exactly what they see: A piece of metallic surface, highly scorched but out of which portrudes a foot-like extremity, except that its tip is clearly in the shape of a cloven hoof. (Then they lift the metal and toss it aside) They grimace in horror... Under the wreckage is the figure of a devil... a demon. (This segment was shot but the footage was edited out by the censors due to its possible satanic implications)
  • After the white lights appear over Iblis, he says,
Iblis: "There are no rules. No one has dominion over me."
Sheba: "I wonder... In all the universe are there not balances... rules... and counter rules... Even for an advanced race, there must be a greater law..."
  • After the scene on the Ship of Lights, a shuttle lands on Galactica. Apollo, Starbuck, and Sheba climb down out of the shuttle to be embraced by Adama, Athena, Cassiopea, Boxey, Muffey, and Boomer.
Apollo: "Boomer... I don't believe it."
Boomer: "I hardly believe it myself."
Apollo: "And the other pilots... Any sign of them?"
Adam: "All safe... And apparently the victims of the same thing. Some kind of navigational pilfering at the hands of Iblis."
Starbuck: "Navigational pilfering?"
Athena: "Their ships started sending out distress signals from that burned out planet where you found Iblis."
Adama: "We sent out a patrol and sure enough... every one of our warriors were sitting there... waiting... Out of fuel, but otherwise perfectly fine... As you can see. Now what about you? We'd almost given up hope... You were the ones we expected to find on the planet. Not the missing nine warriors."
Apollo, Starbuck, and Sheba exchange looks.
Apollo: "It's been a long and hard to explain experience, father... I wonder if we could tell you about it a little more privately..."
Adama: "Of course... of course... and maybe some food... Why not a feast?"
  • In a slightly earlier script, the man that Apollo, Sheba, and Starbuck find on the red planet is named Prince Diabolis, not Count Iblis. Also, Apollo, Starbuck, and Sheba are all naked on the Ship of Lights.
  • There is a different scene in the earlier script involving Apollo's decision to go back to the red planet. It takes place in a darkened landing bay. Starbuck stealthly gets off of the elevator and runs towards a shuttle. Reaching the door, he stops and looks around, then calls inside.
Starbuck: "Apollo."
Apollo appears at the shuttle hatch. He looks around behind Starbuck.
Apollo: "What are you doing her?"
Starbuck: "I'm coming with you."
Apollo: "No. Now I thought we agreed. This is my gamble. I'm the only one that thinks there's something wrong with Diabolis.
Starbuck: "You're the only one who's had the guts to take him on. What's your plan?"
Adama: "Yes. I'd be interested in that myself."
Apollo and Starbuck swing around, startled. Apollo swings a dirty look to Starbuck.
Starbuck: "Sorry. I thought I wasn't followed."
Adama: "You weren't. Boxey told me he saw Apollo slipping off with a flight bag. Well... let's hear it."
Apollo: "Father, what I feel probably doesn't make any sense... But I cannot put my faith in Diabolis."
Adama: "And why not, when he has done all that he promised?"
Apollo: "Father, there are rational explanations for everything that's happened. The energy field set up by those mysterious apparitions or ships or whatever they are... The Doctor said they could have spurred the growth of our food. Baltar's appearance... Simply another result of those unexplained lights. He was as frightened as we were."
Adama: "And what of Diabolis' knowledge of Earth?"
Apollo: "That hasn't been proven."
Adama: "How can it be, until we allow him the chance to show us the way?"
Apollo: "There is one more test. The ship... the one he claims to have come from..."
Adama: "You saw it with your own eyes."
Apollo: "But we didn't examine it."
Adama: "And why not?"
Starbuck: "Because Prince Diabolis warned us away from it."
Adama: "You didn't mention that in the debriefing."
Starbuck: "That's my fault. I was handling the sensor. It reacted to the crash sight. Diabolis said it was Radion. I took his word for it."
Adama: "But if a people's intelligence has reached a state where they can move objects with their will..."
Apollo: "Maybe they can will sensors to react to nothing at all."
Adama: "What do you propose?"
Apollo: "I want to go back and examine that wreckage. See if I can find evidence to verify the state of technology of that craft and its people."
Starbuck: "And I want to go with..."
Adama: "Because you also sense a deception."
Starbuck: (falters for a moment) "No... Because Apollo does... And when it comes down to knowing right from wrong... I'll put my life in his hands any day."
Adama: "Then go..."
Apollo: "You don't object?"
Adama: "Officially, I cannot support you. But you're free men. If you don't choose to follow Prince Diabolis, that's your right."
Apollo: (Apollo hugs his father.) "Thank you, father. You understand I would have asked you, except that..."
Adama: "That... you didn't want to put me in a position of having to say no... Now the only problem I have is avoiding the Prince... His abilities to pick up thoughtwaves could be dangerous to you."
Apollo: "We'll try to get there and back before we're missed."
Adama: "God's speed."
  • There is another alternate scene, on the Ship of Lights after Apollo is resurrected.
Starbuck: "I don't know who you are... But whatever you want from me, you can have."
Voice: "We want nothing from you."
Starbuck: "Then why have you done this?"
Voice: "Because we fight a common foe... The forces of darkness and evil."
Starbuck: "Fellas... I feel like a fool talking to you. It's like a drone daggit in the presence of its creator. You're playing with us. We're like toys to you."
Voice: "No... You are wrong. We are not your creators. We are more like your parents. You are barely born... barely able to move about... Surely as capable of harming yourselves and others as you are of giving love."
Starbuck: "Then why bother with us?"
Second Voice: "Because we love you... We want you to grow... and learn... and help others as we have helped you."
Starbuck seems to be on the verge of tears as he fights to comprehend what he has been told. He turns and looks... Apollo and Sheba stand just inside the partition... Both of them, eyes filled with tears and faces filled with love and smiles. Starbuck moves hurriedly to them and embraces them.
Starbuck: "I'm sorry to cry, Captain, but I don't think I've ever felt anything like this before in my life... It's like... like..."
Apollo: "It's like love... pure, refined, absolute love... And we've been in its presence..."
The trio embrace.
Sheba: "Who's going to believe this?"
They smile, then laugh... and laugh even more heartily.