The Hand of God (TOS)/Deleted scenes

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From the DVD set

From the episode script

  • When Sheba kisses Apollo inside the Cylon raider, after a moment, he kisses her back.
  • After Starbuck, Apollo and Boomer clasp hands in the pilots' quarters, Starbuck and Apollo head for the landing bay to meet Baltar. After getting on the lift, Starbuck says,
Starbuck: "You know, everyone wishing us luck is making me nervous."
Apollo: "Yeah, I know what you mean. (looks around) I kind of hoped I'd see Sheba again before we launched."
Starbuck: (smiles) "Did you?"
Apollo: (looks at him) "What are you smiling at?" (The lift touches the base and they step off. We move with them.)
Starbuck: (laughing) "Sometimes, you're funny, buddy."
  • At the very end in the Celestial dome, as Apollo climbs down from the chair, he slips and Starbuck catches him. Starbuck says,
Starbuck: "You're the only guy I know who would fall out of the hand of God."