Murder on the Rising Star/Deleted scenes

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From the DVD set[edit]

From the episode script[edit]

  • During the triad game, after the announcer Zed says
Zed: "The official caught that one. Ortega didn't even try to hide it"
Boomer: "There's no excuse for that, Zed. It's totally uncalled for."
  • After Apollo says,
Apollo: "And we'll get out of this one, too. I promise."
Starbuck: (nods).
Boomer: "Just take it easy. Keep your finger off the boosters and laser button... (realizes what he said) Hey... you know what I mean."
Starbuck: (touch of the old grin) "Yeah."
They each grip hands for a beat, then Apollo and Boomer exit. We move in on Starbuck as the two security guards step up beside him. The grin fades.
  • When Guard #1 walks into Starbuck's cell to check on the inoperative scanner, Starbuck says,
Starbuck: "I've never seen equipment this bad. It must've been made by Krelps..."
(The script has a key which defines Krelps as "the dumbest people in universe")
  • After Starbuck escapes, we go to a scene: FADE IN GALACTICA - ESTABLISHING SHOT - CLOSE ON ADAMA - HIS QUARTERS - He is furious. As he speaks, we pull back to see Solon sitting across the desk from him... calmly listening.
Adama: (angry) "I will not have this case tried on an Inter Fleet Broadcast... or have my impartiality challenged on Inter Fleet Broadcast! (beat) I quite frankly thought you were above such tactics."
Solon: (calmly) "Adama. If you noticed, I did not present any of the evidence that I have against the defendant on that interview. In fact, I once again stated my willingness to accept a plea of self-defense."
Adama: (still angry) "But you did challenge my impartiality before the entire fleet."
Solon: (softly) "Yes. And I regret having to resort to that... but I felt it was the only way. Only you can remove yourself from the Tribunal and I seriously doubt you would have even considered it if I hadn't made a public statement first."
Adama: (calmer) "You underestimate me, Sire Solon."
Solon: "Perhaps. But despite your brilliant leadership in these terrible times... you are still only a man... as your anger at the moment shows."
For a beat, the two men stare at each other, Adama realizing just how brilliant Solon is with this approach. It does have him questioning himself, if only for the moment.
Solon: "The man is guilty, Adama. (beat) It is my job to see that he is punished and not permitted to evade justice because he happens to be very close to the most powerful man in our fleet."
  • ANGLE ON THE HATCH as Apollo and Boomer enter. Apollo sees Solon and stops short.
Solon: "Counselor."
Apollo: (nods; then to Adama) "Commander, may we speak to you in private?"
'Solon: (rising) "I was just leaving. (to Adama) May I have your decision, sir?"
Adama stares at Solon. Before he can answer, Tigh's face appears on the scanner beside the door.
Tigh: "Commander! Starbuck has broken out of the brig. He overpowered two guards and took their lasers."
Adama: "You know the procedure."
Tigh: "Sir... Procedure is to shoot to kill if he offers resistance."
Adama: "Colonel, I am aware of that."
Tigh: (slowly) "Yes, sir."
The scanner flicks off. ANOTHER ANGLE - Apollo can't believe what he heard.
Apollo: "Father, you're talking about Starbuck!"
Adama: "I'm talking about an armed escaped prisoner... who happens to be Starbuck."
Apollo and Adama lock eyes for a beat. CLOSE ON APOLLO AND BOOMER -
Apollo: (whisper) "He'll head for a viper. I'll take Alpha launch bay. You take Beta."
Boomer: "Gotcha."
They both race out. BACK ON SOLON AND ADAMA.
Adama: "You wanted my answer, Solon."
Solon: "It won't be necessary, sir. I withdraw my objection. (beat) But this escape should erase any doubt in your mind as to Starbuck's guilt."
Adama: "Opposer... don't ever try to influence an impartial man."
Solon stares at him a beat, then smiles slightly and leaves. We move in close on Adama, the pain of the decision heavily upon him.
  • After Solon questions Cassiopea at the Tribunal and says,
Solon: "If the tribunal pleases, that concludes the opposition",
Adama: "The witness is excused."
Cassiopea leaves the witness box and returns to her seat next to Sheba.
Adama: "The opposition will now summarize."
Solon: "As the tribunal orders. The laseronics test proves that Ortega was killed with Starbuck's laser. As the deposition clearly stated, Starbuck was seen running from the scene. All this, as the IFB tapes show, after attacking Ortega on the triad court. The testimony of the last witness speaks for itself. Starbuck had the motive, the opportunity, and the means. There can be no doubt in anyone's judgment that Starbuck killed Ortega. As the whole human race finds itself on the verge of extinction by the Cylons, I find it particularly heinous that one human being would kill another for any reason. The opposition demands maximum sentence... to be confined until natural death aboard the prison barge."
  • When Boomer says their defense is on Alpha channel, Solon says,
Solon: "I protest. Even considering the protector's inexperience, this is becoming a mockery of our tribunal system."
  • In an alternate scene from a slightly earlier script, on the triad court, Cassiopea says,
Cassiopea: (slightly embarrassed) "I'm serious. (beat) One of these days Ortega could really hurt him."
Athena: "Starbuck can handle himself."
Cassiopea: "I know... but Ortega really looks like he's out to get him."
Sheba: "Ortega's always out to get someone. At the moment, it's Starbuck, because Starbuck can beat him."
  • Another alternate scene: CORRIDOR ON RISING STAR - Three men in civilian clothes, relating to their occupations, Elias, Chella, and Pallon, are moving down the corridor, as we hear the muffled crowd noises from the game in the distance. There is a sudden roar.
Elias: "Sounds like the game isn't over yet."
Chella: "We'll catch the last few centons. I wagered ten cubits on it."
Pallon: "On Ortega's team?"
Chella: "Hardly!"
As they are about to turn into an intersecting corridor, they are almost bumped into by Starbuck who comes running around the corner. They stop as he sidesteps them and rushes past.
Chella: "Hey! That was Starbuck. He's supposed to be playing. I have my cubits on him."
After Starbuck meets with Cassiopea in the docking lounge, we go to another scene in CORRIDOR OUTSIDE THE LOCKER ROOMS - Elias, Chella, and Pallon come down the corridor, pass the door to Starbuck's locker room. As they approach Ortega's locker room door -
Chella: "Without Starbuck in there, I'm bound to lose."
Elias: "If you didn't wager, you wouldn't have to worry about it."
Pallon stops them, points.
Pallon: "Good Lord!"
THEIR POINT OF VIEW - Ortega's arm is protruding from the partially open doorway.
  • Another alternate scene: In the launch bay, Apollo is standing on Starbuck's viper and Starbuck has lowered the canopy. They have to shout to be heard through the canopy.
Starbuck: "Apollo... I'm launching."
Apollo: "Then I guess I'm going down that tube with you."
For a beat the two men stare at each other through the canopy. Then Starbuck flips on all three engine switches. Apollo doesn't move. CLOSE ON STARBUCK'S HAND as his thumb raises and hangs just above the "launch" button. CLOSE ON APOLLO holding his position, eyes locked on Starbuck. CLOSE ON STARBUCK as a thin trickle of sweat rolls down his forehead. He turns from Apollo and gazes straight down the launch tube. We hold for a long beat, then: ANGLE ON BOTH as the canopy raises slowly up. Apollo lets out a long sigh. Starbuck slowly removes his helmet.
Apollo: "I thought you were going to do it."
Starbuck: "I... almost did."