Experiment in Terra/Deleted scenes

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From the episode script

  • At the beginning, there is more dialogue between the Enforcers on the Eastern Alliance Destroyer.
Krebbs: "Commandant. (Leiter moves to the console.) I have a number of radar blips astern."
Leiter: "How close is Destroyer Two to us?"
Lanceman: "Approximately six days, Commandant... But three and eight can reach us within two days."
Krebbs: "Too long... they'll blow us out of the sky within centars."
Leiter: "No, I seriously doubt it. They are far more interested in locating our base. Notify all destroyers to close in on us at star speed. We will set a little trap for them!"
  • Immediately after Apollo order the squadron to spread out, we go to a scene inside Adama's quarters. Adama sits in front of his screen. A visitor signals.
Adama: "Enter." (Tigh enters.)
Adama: "Any word?"
Tigh: "Nothing. I'm getting concerned."
Adama: "What lies beyond that Destroyer concerns me."
Tigh: "Lunar Seven?"
Adama: "Then Terra. We're sailing into a war zone."
Tigh: "You think they'll risk attacking us?"
Adama: "I'm afraid it's almost inevitable. That's why it's imperative we know their strength on Lunar Seven."
Tigh: "Commander... It may be presumptuous of me, but..."
Adama: "No... go ahead."
Tigh: "What if we bypassed Lunar Seven entirely... sent Galactica on to the mothr planet, Terra? Light speed... get there ahead of any communication from the destroyer."
Adama: "And what then? How do we present ourselves? How do we find out what the true predicament of those people on that planet is? Who's in the right... who's in the wrong?"
Tigh: "Surely the Alliance is in the wrong."
Adama: "We've not fully heard both sides. How often is there a gray area? What if both sides of this conflict are partly wrong? What if we meddle in their affairs... or lend our superior technology to the wrong side?"
Tigh: "Commander... we aren't gods. We've got to do something. We've got our own people to think of."
Adama: "In any case, we can do nothing until we find out what lies ahead on Lunar Seven."
  • Apollo, in his viper, hears a voice.
Voice: "Viper Four... Viper Four... Do you read?"
Apollo: "This is Viper Four. Is that you, Galactica?"
Voice: "Please modify course to 210 and a climbing vector to intersect 0710 for intercept."
Apollo: "Intercept? (beat) Intercept what?"
Voice: "Captain Apollo... kindly obey instructions without random discourse."
Apollo: (mimicking uppity bridge personnel) "Random discourse..."
ON APOLLO'S SHIP as it turns sharply. BACK TO APOLLO.
Apollo: "On course to intercept. Now where are you? My scanner's empty."
Voice: "We have you on visual."
Apollo: "How can you have me on visual when my scanner doesn't even show a ---"
And then he is overtaken by the Ship of Lights.
  • When Brenda asks Apollo where he found a phone to call her, Apollo answers,
Apollo: "What's a phone?"
There is more to their conversation inside the car.
Apollo: "No, look... Is there some place more private? I need to get my bearings."
Brenda: "Charlie... I really think that medical help is..."
Apollo: "I'm fine... I'm fine. I just need some time to think."
Brenda: "Well, if anybody finds out I..."
Apollo: "No... they mustn't... where did you get this phone call?"
Brenda: "My apartment. You know that!"
Apollo: "Your compartment?"
Brenda: "Apartment. Charlie... Come on. You're not well."
Apollo: "What's your name?"
Brenda: "Amnesia."
Apollo: "Amnesia... That's a pretty name. (She turns and stares at him. Up and down... her eyes coming to gaze at his laser.) I don't suppose you know anybody named John?"
Brenda: "I know a lot of people named John. What's that? (beat) It looks like a gun."
Apollo: (takes the gun out of its holster) "If it makes you nervous I can put it in the back." He puts it on the back seat or back window ledge.
Brenda: "Why would they tell us you were presumed dead unless... (it dawns on her) You flipped out and they didn't want to tell anyone. That's it, isn't it? They've had you locked up in a mental lab and you've escaped. That accounts for the screwy clothes."
Apollo: "If they contacted you at your compartment... That must be where I should go quickly. I'll try to explain everything there."
Brenda: "I'm getting you some help."
Apollo shakes his head... reaches back for his weapon.
Apollo: "No I was hoping we could do this on a nice, cooperative basis... but if you're not willing to listen to reason..." :: Brenda: "Okay... okay. We'll go to my compartment... apartment."
  • Inside the prison complex, Apollo sits behind a plexiglass wall. His uniform tunic is open. He leans forward on a bench as if staring at the floor in resignation, his resistance worn away. In front of the clear wall, two men converse in whispers. One is Doctor Horning. The other, dressed in a plain suit, is Mister Moore.
Horning: "All vital signs are textbook. Not even a hint of ordinary fatigue. You could almost describe his condition as serene... yet, that doesn't make any sense. He was ranting on about outposts. The sounds of a man undergoing a complete breakdown."
Moore: "Put him in detention until I can brief the President."
Horning: "What about the Precedium? Didn't I read they were going to bestow posthumous honors on Colonel Watts tomorrow?"
Moore: "Informing the Precedium of what's happened is up to the President. I'm certainly not going to go around him."
Horning: "The President hasn't made up his mind what to do about him yet."
Horning nods and turns back to Apollo as Moore exits. Horning walks around the glass to Apollo.
Horning: "Good news, Colonel. You're in excellent condition."
  • After Apollo is put in a cell, the man in the cell across from him, Stone, says,
Stone: "Charlie? Charlie! Where in the hell have you been? Why are you in here?"
Apollo: "Look... I..."
Stone: "You can tell me, because I think I know. You found out everything, didn't you?"
Apollo: "How much do you know?"
Stone: "About the destruction of Paradeen. The loss of Lunars One through Eleven. It's all over, Charlie..."
Apollo: "You mean to tell me that no one back here on this planet knows that all of their support planets have been destroyed by the Alliance?"
Stone: "Man, they must have grabbed you and thrown you in here right out of the sky. I didn't believe it myself. The President has kept it from everyone."
Apollo: "Why?"
Stone: "Because he knew that the Precedium would immediately throw everything we had at the Alliance. He was afraid... afraid of all out war."
Apollo: "So he let them pick off your satellites one by one. How could he keep information from your military?"
Stone: "By putting us in here one by one as we tried to get word through him to the Precedium. I figured they must have grabbed you, too."
Apollo: "What can we do?"
Stone: "Ah, Charlie, I don't know. It would have been easy before... if we had stood up to them. If we had declared war, we could have gone after their satellites... fought the battles away from Terra. If successful, they might have sued for peace. But as we lost every outpost, the options disappeared. Now there's only one left... Destroy the Alliance here on Terra. A sneak attack."
Apollo: "But their retaliation systems must be automatic. Wouldn't that trigger an immediate response that would destroy your half of the world as well as theirs?"
Stone: "What do you mean 'your half'? (beat) If you haven't been in here all along, where'd you disappear to?"
Apollo: "You wouldn't believe me if I told you. (beat, low) John... What is this felgercarb. Where are you... What am I supposed to do? This can't be what you had in mind..."
No response... only silence... and a curious look from Stone who ultimately turns away.
  • When Starbuck confronts the Terran soldiers, and the officer threatens to take him dead or alive, Starbuck asks,
Starbuck: "What happened to my... the other visitor? The one who landed before me."
Officer: "We don't have him... yet."
Starbuck: "You're lying! If he wasn't captured, he'd respond to my communicator."
Officer: "I'm telling you the truth. I am General Deering. If another like you had been captured, I would know it. That is not the case."
Starbuck: "Then I can't go with you... And I want you to understand that we did not come here as aggressors."
Officer: "Then submit to us. We will take you into the city for questioning."
Starbuck: "I can't do that... But I won't hurt you, either. Just put you to sleep long enough to complete my mission." :: Officer: "Men..."
Starbuck then stuns them all.
  • Outside the detention complex, Starbuck arrives in a car. It pulls up and Starbuck climbs out. He leans back in holding his communicator.
Starbuck: "This looks like the place. I appreciate your picking me up."
Though a drunken haze, a Foster Brooks screws up his face and tries hard to comprehend Starbuck.
Drunk: "Think nothing of it. But before you go... would you mind telling me the name of the place you're from again. I'm going to catch hell when I get home anyway... I might as well have an amuse... amuse... amuse... fascinating story."
Starbuck: "Caprica."
Drunk: "Caprica... Thank you. Thank you very much... Nighty night..."
He speeds off.
  • When Starbuck leaves John and heads towards the detention complex, John says some dialogue that was obviously changed.
John: "I know it isn't our way, but I have to work with what I've got. A primitive. If it were up to me I'd let them go ahead and destroy each other. I'm sorry, I didn't mean that. I guess in a way they are kind of... cute."
  • When Apollo tells Stone and Maxwell about the imminent Eastern Alliance attack, John says,
John: "Blabbermouth..."
He evaporates, leaving Maxwell and Stone appearing less than confident.
Stone: "How could you know that unless you work for them?"
Maxwell: "If he did, he wouldn't be warning us, and if this were the night they were planning their final strike... the timing would be perfect. Obviously, they know the President is on the edge... that he can't contain the news of what's happened much longer."
Stone: "Why don't we just throw everything we have at them right now... tonight... on our own... and the hell with it."
Apollo: "You can't do that, Stoney. That's why you're a democracy. That's what separates you from the Eastern Alliance."
Maxwell: "He's right. I suggest we go over what we're going to tell the Alliance to buy some time for these men to help us."
  • There is more to Starbuck and Brenda's conversation inside the car.
Brenda: "I don't know what to believe... and what's so odd about that? You don't even believe in Charlie Watts."
Starbuck: (suddenly) "There... stop!"
She slams on the brakes. OUTSIDE THE CAR in the beams of the multiple headlights, Starbuck jumps out of the car and heads for a landmark. Brenda follows behind him.
Starbuck: "Here... I remember this sign."
Starbuck: "Quick, back in the car and drive over that way."
Brenda: "That's pure desert. you expect me to drive my new car across that stuff?" Starbuck: "Brenda... You aren't going to have any car at all if we don't get to my ship."
  • There is more to Apollo's speech to the Precedium.
Apollo: "Freedom cannot be negotiated. It is rarely given. It is usually won at great cost and sacrifice. Once lost... the price for regaining it will be ever higher. I come from a people who believed that the opposite of war was peace. We learned the hard way that the opposite of war is more often slavery.. and that strength... strength alone can suport freedom."
  • When Maxwell tells Apollo that there is so much he could teach them, Apollo answers,
Apollo: "For now, our presence can bring you a greater danger than the Alliance. We'll be back... when the time is right."