The Magnificent Warriors/Deleted scenes

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From the DVD set[edit]

From the episode script[edit]

  • When Adama is walking with Tigh and Apollo towards Belloby's quarters and Apollo says,
Apollo: "Whoa, no, you don't. This isn't something you can avoid,"
Adama: "Apollo... you just do not understand the situation. The only way we'll get that Energizer away from her is with a small laser battalion with shoot to kill orders."
  • In Adama's quarters, after Apollo asks,
Apollo: "Father... Just what did you have to give her in return for that energizer?",
Adama: "I promised I'd... (the words don't come easy to him) Court her."
Apollo's mouth falls open. Adama turns away.
Adama: "Before I met your mother... I mean a long, long time before... Siress Belloby and I... Well... we were..."
Apollo: (stunned) "You... and Belloby..."
Adama: "Apollo... she looked a lot better then. A whole lot better."
Apollo: "It's not her looks... it's her attitude. She's as hard as NAILINGS."
Adama: "Yes, well... She was disappointed when your mother and I were sealed. Belloby turned to achieving fulfillment in ways theretofore unexpected of ladies."
Apollo: "Scavenging."
Adama: "The recycling and salvaging of materials throughout the stars is a necessity. She just seemed to take pride in beating and outbidding men and crews twice her size."
Apollo: "Now she's outbid the most powerful man in the fleet."
Adama: "I made a promise to court her. I didn't say where. It certainly won't be in front of the entire Fleet. Now let's make ready, and get this over with."
  • In front of the shuttle, when Adama says,
Adama: "Please, Belloby. Not in front of the children,"
Belloby: (asks) "What?"
Adama: "You know how it is. Apollo's still quite upset over the loss of his mother... We'll have to let things progress... slowly... very slowly..."
Belloby allows Adama to remove her arms from around his neck. She is after all a feeling person, though for the moment, she looks at Apollo as if he were a case of pox.
  • We see Starbuck walk up to the gambling table and ask if he can play.
Dipper: "Sure... Seein' how this ain't your lucky night. You're probably just what we need at this table."
Dipper laughs... Starbuck doesn't.
Starbuck: "Now whatever gave you the idea that wasn't my lucky night?"
Starbuck reaches for the cards with a confidence that shakes everyone's nerves. Starbuck expertly shuffles the cards and begins dealing.
  • In town, when Belloby asks Adama to kiss her, and he asks,
Adama: "What?",
Belloby: "I love it when you're angry. No one else has the nerve to raise their voice to me. Kiss me."
Adama: "Belloby, forgive me... but my mind is on other things."
Belloby: "If you kiss me... I'll tell you where your power sled is."
  • We see Apollo, Adama, and Belloby approach the Chancery.
Apollo: "So far as I can tell, this is the only place open at this hour."
Adama: "Then this is likely to be where we'll find the local law enforcer."
  • After Bogon explains to Starbuck about how all the constables have been killed, there is a scene AT THE SHED where Boomer stands by a door blown open by a hand laser. As Bogan, Adama, Belloby, Apollo and Starbuck arrive and look inside.
Belloby: "My Energizer..."
Adama: "Our Energizer. Sire Bogan, this was deliberately stolen from us. Probably to keep us here so you could rig a card game and victimize my man."
Bogon: "My, my... Those are harsh words. I hope you can prove them. We have laws about such things, you know."
Adama: "Boomer?"
Boomer: "Coming right up..."
Boomer enters the shed where Apollo, Bellaby, Starbuck, and Adama are standing. He carries a hand scope.
Adama: "Put the scope on the sled and let's see what we have."
A bright green light suddenly emits from the scope...
Apollo: "Concentrate on the driver's side."
Boomer presses a circuit button on the scope.
Boomer: "Narrowing scanner range to living being whose hands and feet were on these pedals. (checks indicators) No doubt about it... Human..."
Apollo: "Throw it on tracer and let's get this over with."
Boomer throws another switch and suddenly flourescent traces of hand and footprints glow all over the shed leading away from the power sled. Adama looks at Bogon whose confidence is ebbing.
Starbuck: "Like following a baby's cry."
Belloby: "Land, would Id've liked to have had a thing like that a couple of times pirates jumped my work force. Never could prove nothing but I always suspected half my own crew."
Adama: "This leaves no room for doubt, Sire Bogon. Strap on your lasers, boys..."
Bogon: "Look... if I may concede that you will find the culprits in the Chancery, take my advice... Forget them."
Adama: "Forget them?"
Bogon: "Look at the moon?" POINT OF VIEW - A moon rising up over the buildings...
Bogon: "Don't you see... it's almost time."
Adama: "I don't know what you're talking about... Belloby, you wait here with Boomer in case there's trouble inside."
  • INSIDE THE CHANCERY - Apollo, Starbuck, Adama and Bogon enter and stop short in their tracks. Things have changed. People are hurriedly piling tables and chairs in front of the windows... and at the back doors. Our boys exchange looks.
Starbuck: "Musta' thought we'd come in with our lasers blazing."
Bogon: "It isn't you they're expecting."
Apollo: "You stay out of this, Bogon."
Starbuck, who now has the scanner, heads directly for Dipper who is crouching down behind a table at a point where he can get a narrow look at the street outside.
Starbuck: "On your feet, Dipper. You're under arrest."
Dipper: "Huh?" Suddenly Bogon rushes over.
Bogon: "Men... Men... please. This is no time for law and order. Take cover... quickly! The moon is almost high. All except you, Starbuck. You'd better get out there in the street unless you want a dead town on your conscience."
Suddenly the room seems to be shaking. Not from something close at hand but something far off in the distance... like an earthquake.
Bogon: "Good God, it's time... they're coming. Lights out, everyone."
Suddenly people start turning out the lights.
Bogon: "Quickly... quickly, get out there... or there'll be no stopping them."
Apollo: "Belloby and Boomer are out there, alone."
Starbuck: "You, you and you... on your feet! You're going out there with us."
Starbuck shoves his laser in Dipper's ribs and the trio reluctantly rise up and move out. Apollo, Starbuck and Adama, with their prisoners, charge for the door. Bogon calls after them.
Bogon: "If I may suggest taking a stand at the edge of town... A few shots over their heads will generally discourage the majority of them. The rest... (as they exit) Well, you'll find out."
  • IN THE STREET Adama, Belloby and Apollo are looking off into the distance.
Belloby: "What is it? It sounds like a deep earth tremor."
Apollo: "It's the Borays. They're coming!"
Belloby: "A few Borays... That's nothing to worry about."
Adama: "Belloby... You get inside that jail and crouch down in the dark."
Apollo: "Father, I suggest you go with her while we take a stand at the edge of town."
Adama: "I'll be there beside you."
Starbuck comes rushing out of the jailhouse with Boomer and their three prisoners, each carrying a rifle.
Starbuck: "Negative. As Constable of this town I'm ordering all of you civilians back inside. The jail looks safe."
Apollo: "Starbuck, what are you talking about? You're not going out there alone."
The rumble and roaring is getting louder.
Starbuck: "They're a herd, Apollo. You turn one... you turn 'em all."
Apollo: "And get yourself killed in the process. The more of us they see out there the less likely they'll ride over us."
Adama: "He's right. We'll take up positions at the edge of town... Quickly."
Suddenly the four men are running.
Belloby: "I am not going to cower on the floor like some infant daggit."
Adama: "Belloby, you do as you're told. Now that's an order!"
The men continue on up the street. Belloby mumbles under her breath and heads for the jail building.
  • ON THE ROAD a fast look at a cloud of dust and a tribe of wild Borays riding thunder in their eyes and a curse on their lips. The look is massive, diffused and horrifying... especially the creature in the lead... Nogow. ON OUR FOUR HEROES as they stand two yards apart across the main street... their weapons drawn... moving down the line stoically to see the fierce determination in their eyes. POINT OF VIEW - A cloud of dust and a shouting that is so gutteral and loud that it would make charging Indians on the planet Earth sound like a girls' nursery school choir... The ground begins to shake around our heroes. BACK TO OUR HEROES -
Apollo: "Lord, there're a lot of them."
Adama: "Let's give them plenty of notice."
Apollo fires into the air. POINT OF VIEW - Moving from the Borays straight for the four young men. BACK ON THE FOUR MEN -
Starbuck: "They aren't stopping."
Adama: "Keep firing."
Starbuck: "I'm going to start firing at them."
Apollo: "Wait."
ON THE HERD as the lead Boray suddenly swings his loping animal and veers off and away from the main street.
Boomer: "YaaaaHooooo!"
Adama: "We did it!"
Bogon: "Not yet. That was the easy part."
Apollo: "There's a harder part?"
Starbuck: "They head straight for the storage bins... grab everything they can tote, then head back for town and more diversionary appetites."
ON THE FOOD BINS as they swarm with Borays filling black sacks and tossing them out to Borays on their animals... it is swift and efficient and the noise is more subdued than before. Suddenly the stealing is over and it is time to ride again. IN THE STREET on our warriors.
Boomer: "Sounds like it's over."
Dipper: "Uh, uh... The worst is yet to come. Once they get fed, they get real brave and lusty."
Then we pick up in the jail where Belloby says,
Belloby: "I'm not going to stand around here and let Adama handle them alone."
  • After Adama shouts,
Adama: "Fire in front of them! Now!"
and they begin to fire: ON THE BORAYS as the ground begins to ignite with laser fire... the Borays seem to ride around the fire and continue ahead. More laser fire... finally, as they reach a point less than a hundred yards away, they slow and stop. ON NOGOW as he holds up his hand in confusion. ON OUR WARRIORS -
Apollo: "Hold it... they've stopped."
BACK TO NOGOW - his senses reeling in confusion. He grunts something to the others. ON APOLLO -
Apollo: "I don't think they've ever seen laser fire."
Starbuck: "We may have to drop one to let 'em know what it can do."
Adama: "No. Try not to start something we can't finish. If they want to start throwing their spears... There're just too many of them."
ON NOGOW as he lets out a last cry of triumph... turns his mount back to face the foursome and charges... amidst a frightening din of chants. BACK TO THE FOURSOME -
Starbuck: "Now what?"
Adama: "Stand your ground for as long as possible... then go for cover."
They begin firing into the air... the horde continues in. Suddenly the warriors jump back to each side of the street. The horde throw their spears which fly by imbedding themselves into the buildings around our ducking warriors.
Apollo: "They're not stopping."
Adama breaks into a smile.
Adama: "Even herd animals have their pride. They had to show us their courage and..."
ON THE JAIL - Belloby has suddenly charged out and into the street wielding her weapon.
Belloby: "If you've killed Adama, I'll show you, you miserable fuzze faxed... Ahhh."
ON NOGOW as he leans out of the saddle (or whatever is camouflaged for these creatures to perch on) and sweeps Belloby up into his powerful arm and continues riding up the street. ON THE HORDE as they round the corner and disappear off into the darkness, their chants grow dimmer and dimmer. FADE OUT.
  • After Belloby is captured by the Borays, Bogon says,
Bogon: "My good men... Never have we witnessed such bravery. Do you realize what's happened here this day? We did not lose one single citizen.
Ordinarily the spears take a disheartening toll before their foul work is done."
Dipper: "Then there're the women that they capture."
Bogon: "Let's not talk about this! Tonight we're delivered."
Adama: "No... Tell me... These women... What happens?"
Bogon: "You don't want to know. Come, let's celebrate our good fortune."
Apollo: "I'm afraid we can't do that, Sire Bogon. We lost one of our people."
Bogon: "But when... There were only four of you out there... and when we ran out and saw the Bores' running for their lives..."
Adama: "They had our woman with them."
Bogon: "Oh, my lord... No..."
Dipper: "Well, that's that. She's a goner. Let's get drunk and put it out of our minds."
Starbuck and Boomer move up.
Starbuck: "Did I hear right? They grabbed Belloby?"
Boomer: "I thought she was tucked away safely inside the jail."
Apollo: "Father... it wasn't anyone's fault."
Adama: "No... Of course not."
Boomer: "That's right. If she'd done what she was told..."
Starbuck: "For all practical purposes, we were at war with these people. We had to expect casualties. As it was we got off lucky."
Apollo: "Very lucky."
Adama: "Yes."
Bogon: (nods) "Very sensible. All right, everyone... into my Chancery. The refreshments are on me."
Another cheer and the street quickly clears... except for Adama, Boomer, Apollo, and Starbuck who stand crestfallen... their heads studying the ground.
Not one of them up to discussing the inevitable. At the last possible moment... Bogan looks back and steps back down off the rise of the Chancery and moves back to the four warriors. There is a moment of silent communication.
Bogon: "You're not ordinary farmers. In fact... there's only one legendary brigade in the universe that could match the courage I just witnessed. (a long beat) I'm honored to be able to say I've stood in the presence of Warriors from the Great Colonies."
The four young men sheepishly swing looks at Bogon.
Bogon: "I'm so ashamed to have deceived you into defending our town. I guess desperation is the evil soul of expedience in weak men... but you're not like us. You know what you must so... and I salute you for it."
  • As the four warriors prepare to go after Belloby, Bogon says,
"It's a fair trade, Sire, and I assure you the seed will be packed and ready when you return."
Adama: "See that it is. The Constable will hold your contract."
Bogon: "The path we've indicated is the only one we know..."
  • As they get very near the Borays, Apollo says,
Apollo: "They've been watching us now for a centon."
ON THE HIGH CLIFFS - A Boray peering around a rock... his spear poised, but unmoving. IN ANOTHER DRAW the men ride on.
Starbuck: "What're they waiting for? If they want a fight... let's get it over with."
Adama: "They're wary of our weapons."
Apollo: "But we're also riding directly into their stronghold. They've plenty of time to just overwhelm us by sheer numbers."
Starbuck: "That's a great plan, Captain. What've you got up your sleeve for us?"
Apollo: "Nogow... their leader would seem to be the key. If we could get to him... they'd clearly follow him."
  • When Belloby says,
Belloby: "Adama... Oh, thank God. What courage. What love must have brought you here to deliver me, my darling",
Adama: answers, "Be quiet, Belloby. We're a long way from delivering anybody. He has a thousand warriors surrouding us."
Belloby: "Well, for God sakes, Adama... Do something."
  • After Starbuck leaves, the Borays begin to move forward.
Boomer: "Commander..."
Adama: "I see them. They're working up their courage to charge."
Apollo: "Stay low... We'll rapid fire and get as many as we can before..."
Adama and Apollo exchange looks of affection.
Adama: "I'm sorry, son."
Apollo: "So am I... But we gave it our best shot."
The Borays are starting to lift their spears when...
Nogow: "Stop!"
The spears freeze over the head of the Borays. Starbuck moves directly out of the hut, with Belloby at his side. They move directly up to the group.
Adama: "Starbuck... He bought it?"
Starbuck: "Nothing to it.. The minute you said he was a lazy, self-centered opportunist, I knew we'd talked the same language. Belloby... you'll have to ride doube with Adama."
Apollo: "Starbuck, what in the universe..."
Adama: "You'd better let him explain later... Let's not press our luck..."
Quickly the group turns and head out. Nogow shouts commands which cause the Borays behind the group to part like the Red Sea. They ride out right up the middle. FADE OUT