The Long Patrol/Deleted scenes

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The Long Patrol[edit]

  • An extended scene where Adama is sitting in his chair in Core Command, with Boxey resting on his chest, telling him of Earth. In this version, Adama describes Earth as he knows it:
    Adama: ... orbiting around a very, very bright star. But it's not alone, you know.
    Boxey: It's not?
    Adama: Oh, no. No. It has a satellite, which is pale white, and it takes on various shapes. And... (sees Boxey fall asleep) falls asleep.
  • A scene starting when Boxey is leaving core command with Muffit. In this version, the director (or trainer) is yelling out for Evolution to move and Apollo asks Adama if he was always like Boxey. Adama comments jokingly, "Worse."
  • An alternate, perhaps original version, of the scene where Apollo explains to Athena that it was the Council that gave permission to the Scorpios to reopen the Astral Lounge on the Rising Star. Ever since, Starbuck attempts to get enough money to get into the place. With the 100 cubit bonus that Adama offers to the first Viper pilot to pilot the Recon Viper, Starbuck has managed to get into the Astral Lounge. Also, in this version, Athena tells her brother that Starbuck asked her to dinner, but she chose to "be here at the site of a new galaxy". Apollo replies, "Little sister, you made a wise decision."
  • The "before the war" comments by the Maitre d' are better explained here. In this version, the explanation that was filmed, but later cut was this:
    Starbuck: Before the war?
    Maitre d: Well, before it interfered with our annual run to Quintara. Ah, what a magnificent cluster. Seven red stars, and one blue. It was quite a trip pleaser. Especially for newly joined couples.
  • The Maitre d' brings Starbuck and Cassiopeia to the private dining room. The scene is like the same one that was in the final cut, except the scenes that were cut were those shot from behind the Maitre d'.
  • An alternate version of the scene where Starbuck and Cassiopeia frolic on the couch. The only striking difference is that Cassiopeia refers to herself as a "socialator," instead of a "med tech".
  • Starbuck attempts to get a different room, now that Athena has decided to join him for dinner. As Starbuck is bribing the Maitre d', Athena is drinking a shot, then pours herself something from a short, beer-like bottle. (The same bottles that were used in "Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I" as bottles of ale.)
  • From the original script: There is more dialogue between Starbuck and CORA during their first conversation. Computer: "Don't be a bore. My name's CORA. Short for Computer, Oral Response Activated. I'm programmed to respond instantly to all your needs. I am also programmed to give you an entertaining mission... one that will keep you alert and on your toes." Starbuck: "Shut up, CORA. (Long beat of silence.) Okay. Continue." Computer: "Give you a feeling of power? (beat) We are on a Delta vector..."
  • From the original script: When CORA says, "We have enough speed to outrun anything in the universe," Starbuck answers, "I'm not used to running." Computer: (disgusted) "You may not have a choice. (beat) Hang on!"
  • CORA is suggesting a course of action that would "scare the pogees" out of Croad while he pursues Robber. What is shown here was put into the final cut, but CORA's voice is provided by someone off screen, and not by Cathy Paine.
  • From the original script: After Recon Viper One heads toward the moon to investigate the downed shuttle, we see the shuttle on the moon's surface: The pilot of the shuttle exits, coughing, though the cloud of steam. He is a young, handsome man dressed in a rather worn, short jacket and boots. He opens a compartment on the side of the shuttle and grabs some tools, then clambers under the shuttle. The dark sky lights up fromt he downblast of Starbuck's Recon Viper as it lands near the shuttle. CLOSE ON THE SHUTTLECRAFT PILOT - He is watching the Viper land. His expression is one of concern, as he continues to work frantically on the engine. CLOSE ON STARBUCK IN COCKPIT - Starbuck: "How'd you like the landing?" Computer: (ignores question) "Sensors indicate shuttlecraft is manned by humanoid life form. No laser weapons. (beat) Switching all systems except marker beacon to stand-by mode." Starbuck: (opening the hatch) "How'd you like the landing... honey?" CORA doesn't answer. Starbuck smiles and climbs out.
  • Robber is outside of his ship, opening up a panel when Starbuck's Viper lands.
  • After landing, Starbuck crosses a small river or moat, with his laser pistol drawn. After Starbuck clears his throat, Robber asks for a deltoid spanner, which Starbuck gives him from the nearby bag. In the scene, as Robber says "That heathen could be back', the actor messes up the line of dialogue.
  • Another shot, this time facing Starbuck, as he approaches Robber with his laser drawn. After he hands Robber the spanner, Starbuck asks Robber about the "pirate who put me here," but is instead offered a drink. After Starbuck is thrown a bottle, actor Dirk Benedict (Starbuck) asks if he could do the scene over again.
  • From the original script: On Galactica bridge, when Adama says, "Maintain tracking. He may be onto something," Athena says to herself, "Probably a socialator."
  • Cassiopeia enters Core Command and runs into Omega, who asks if he can help her. Cassiopeia tells Omega that Lieutenant Athena asked her to report to the bridge. Omega appears quite smitten with her, directing her to "Station Four, upper bay". As she walks in front of the viewport, Cassiopeia gets stares from men on the bridge, while Tigh gets irritated. Upon approaching Athena, Athena actress Maren Jensen forgets a part of her line, and the line is recited to her off screen. Further on into the scene, Athena attempts to tell her about what happened to Starbuck on his patrol. In the scenes that were cut:
    Cassiopeia: Did you arrange that?
    Athena: Look, I don't like you and you don't like me, but evidently you and Starbuck are having some sort of relationship.
  • After Adama gives orders to keep as much distance from Proteus as possible, Adama leans on a bar and considers the ramifications of his decision.
  • From the original script: When Starbuck first encounters the Enforcers on the surface of Proteus, he says, "Could one of you guys give me directions to the rest room?"
  • Apollo and Boomer talk to Slayer about not wanting to see Tanya grow up on Proteus. After agreeing that he would have done what they did, Apollo tells Boomer to "radio Galactica on the short-pulse transmitter in scrambled code, 'Negative Cylon contact. Have located Recon Viper 1. Believe Starbuck alive. Will search until recalled.'" After Boomer leaves, he offers the family a place in the Fleet, telling them that they need a good ambrosia distiller on Galactica, as the "stuff we make is awful".
  • Starbuck talks to Apollo and Boomer about Recon Viper 1:
    Starbuck: She doesn't have lasers.
    Boomer: But she's fast.
    Starbuck: And she's unarmed.
    Apollo: Shouldn't matter... to a hot pilot. (Boomer and Apollo walk to their Vipers)
  • On Rising Star, during the dinner conversation at the end of the episode, the following was cut:
    Starbuck: All I had to do was compute when Galactica probably first picked up the Cylon patrol on long range scan, and then estimate the course which would put the, um, Fleet the furthest distance from the, uh, Cylon patrol. (as Apollo laughs) Really very simple.
    Adama: And you did all this?
    Starbuck: Mhmm... Well, I, uh, had some help, uh, from CORA.
    Cassiopeia: Ah, I knew there'd be a woman in on it somewhere.
    Athena: CORA's a computer. I don't think we have any competition there.
    Adama: Well, in any case...
    • From the original script:
    • Starbuck: "All I had to do was compute when Galactica probably first picked up the Cylon patrol on long range scan. Then estimate which course would put the most space between the fleet and the Cylons. (beat) It was simple." Adama: "And you did all this?" Starbuck: "Well, sir. I... ah... had some help from CORA." Cassiopea: (to Athena) "I knew there'd be a woman in it." Athena: (laughs) "CORA's a computer. I don't think we have any competition there. (turns to Starbuck) Do we?" CLOSE ON STARBUCK - He just smiles. Everyone, except Cassiopea and Athena, is laughing.
  • In a slightly earlier script, Imperious Leader is on the Cylon basestar instead of Baltar. Centurion: "By your command." Imperious Leader: "Speak." Centurion: "We monitored an undecipherable transmission from the Frodian galaxy." Leader: "The Colonial Fleet!" Centurion: "The signal was beamed at the planet Aeries." Leader: "Ohhh... (beat) A humanoid outpost that does not know we have destroyed the Colonies. Dispatch a patrol to eradicate them." Centurion: "By your command."