Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I/Deleted scenes

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Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I[edit]

  • Extended scene where Adama coaxes Apollo's announcement of his and Serina's being sealed. The dialogue that is present here, but cut later:
    Adama: ... this marvelous food for nigh on 3 millicentons... waiting... for each succeeding course. Each one being better than the one before.
    Athena: Wonderful! One surprise, after another. (looking in Apollo's direction)
    Apollo: All right, all right. I guess it's too much to expect anyone to be able to keep a secret in a small band of survivors like this.
    Adama: (with Athena laughing in the background) Starbuck, did he say "secret"?
    Starbuck: Yes, I believe he did.
    Athena: Oh, yes, "secret".
    Apollo: I'm not as glib as you are, father, I've always taken my time about things.
    Adama: (good naturedly) I know.
    Apollo: Especially the important things. I mean, there was a lot to consider, I had to be sure that Boxey was in favor of our (clears throat). Well, uh... (from this point, the scene picks up from the scene that was included in the final cut of the episode).
  • An extended scene where Adama congratulates Apollo for making a "father very happy... finally," after Apollo announces the marriage.
  • After Adama orders that Patrol 2 (consisting of Boomer and Jolly) land from their patrol, Omega announces that a "shuttle cadet from first-orbit solo" is inbound. Adama orders that the shuttle pilot be waived off, should the approach not be completed successfully, as they are in need of the reports from the patrol. The inbound shuttle is piloted by Serina, who completes her first successful solo-landing in Galactica's starboard bay.
  • As Apollo's probe is ready to land, Tigh mentions to Adama that his fellow Warriors are preparing a sendoff for Apollo. Adama refuses to have Apollo skip procedure to even make the briefest appareance at the sendoff, since he refuses to "risk the lives of everyone in the fleet, even for my own son's sendoff," but extends the curfew so that Apollo will have time to go, after making the report.
  • After the disease has been found, Apollo is asking Cassiopeia what Boomer's chances are. When she says that they are not good, Apollo lets her know that he appreciates all that she's doing. Cassiopeia then comments that "You know, if anything good came out of the destruction of the Colonies, it was the opportunity for fresh beginnings," referencing her change from socialator to a med tech.
  • From the original script: During Apollo's speech to the women pilots, it is revealed that Dietra was a colonial warrior/pilot from the Atlantia who survived the battlestar's destruction. Other women are also revealed to be seasoned viper pilots.
  • Rigel notifies Core Command of the medical shuttle leaving "launch deck 1".
  • After a cure is found on the alien planet, Tigh visits Adama telling him joyfully that he can "uncross his fingers". After jokingly replying, "What about my toes?," Tigh notifies him that they are 30 to 40 centons away from the void. Adama then asks Tigh, "You dissaprove of my leading the Fleet into the void, don't you?" Tigh replies that it is not his place to disapprove, only advise; Adama tells him to dispense with all protocol, and that he would like to hear Tigh's thoughts, leading into the discussion where Adama reveals his belief that the void is the same as the one depicted in the Book of the Word. Tigh replies that the field is too dangerous and that he would rather take his chances with the Cylon fleet.