Fire in Space/Deleted scenes

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From the DVD set

From the episode script

  • After Adama says, "Launch Blue Squadron," we go back to the Rejuvenation Center where a steady red light is seen, but everyone goes about their business except Athena, Boxey, Boomer, and Muffit, who stand listening to the sound of the last Viper being launched. When it's gone, the red lights go off and normal lighting comes up.
Boxey: "I sure hope Dad will be okay."
Boomer: "Your dad knows how to take care of himself. Rack 'em up, Boxey."
(Boxey places a round rack on the table and starts putting balls into it during)
Athena: "Besides, so far it's just an alert."
  • In the very next scene, we see VIPERS FLYING FORMATION - VIPER COCKPITS - ON APOLLO, STARBUCK, AND SHEBA - INTERCUT as they react to what they see ahead of them:
Sheba: "This is going to be like shooting pisces in a container."
Starbuck: "And the container is overflowing."
Apollo: "Galactica bridge, we have a problem."
APOLLO'S POINT OF VIEW - Cylon fighters as far as the eye can see.
  • When the siren in the Rejuvenation Center wails, Boomer yells,
Boomer: "Major attack force! They'll need me!"
  • In the very next scene, we see FOUR VIPERS - APOLLO, STARBUCK, SHEBA, AND JOLLY rocketing to meet the Cylon attackers. APOLLO'S COCKPIT - INTERCUT as he watches his scanner.
Apollo: "Here comes company... a lot more than we usually get."
Starbuck: "What kind of welcome we gonna give give 'em?"
Sheba: "There's more than one kind? Let's get them!"
Apollo: "No! Divert 'em. Keep 'em away from Galactica until the other squadrons get there. I'm gonna monitor their frequency and see what they're up to."
He switches frequencies. THE FOUR VIPERS bank away in a high G-turn. CYLON FIGHTERS boring in... lots of them! CYLON COCKPIT -
Centurion: "Ignore the Colonial Vipers. Our mission is to crash directly into Galactica."
Starbuck: "Hey, they're not changing course!"
Sheba: "They act like they don't even see us."
Apollo switches back to combat frequency.
Apollo: (realizing) "They don't want us! They're gonna crash into Galactica!"
GALACTICA BRIDGE - Adama and Tigh react as they hear.
Apollo's Voice: (from radio) "Let's go! And for Sagan's sake, don't miss any!"
THE FOUR VIPERS pull a high-G turn, drop in behind the Cylon fighters. STARBUCK'S COCKPIT - Lining up a Cylon fighter. Starbuck fires. The Cylon fighter explodes in a ball of flame.
Starbuck: "Now you see it... now you don't."
Apollo: (from radio) "Less talk and more work! We haven't made a dent in them yet!"
LIFE CENTER - CASSIOPEA AND DR. SALIK as she finishes checking supplies and equipment. Other medical personnel move about their tasks in b.g.
Cassiopea: (upset) "We're prepared to receive casualties, Doctor. Everything is ready."
Salik: (sighs) "God willing, we won't have to use any of it. (beat) But I know from experience, that's too much to hope for."
Cassiopea quickly turns away. Salik gently takes her by the shoulders and turns her around. Tears are streaming down her cheeks.
Salik: (gently) "Cassiopea..."
Cassiopea: "It's the waiting... I hate the waiting. It gives me time to think... How many?... Who?... (beat) I'm sorry."
Salik: (gently) "No. Don't apologize. I cry too... when it's over... and I'm alone."
She clutches him, burying her face in his shoulder.
  • When Starbuck, Apollo, and Sheba are about to launch, and Apollo says
Apollo: "When you pull up after your run, watch it or the increased G0factor will slam you right into the hull,"
Starbuck: "Sheba maybe, but not me." Apollo: "Starbuck, this is every bit as dangerous as flying against the Cylons."
Starbuck: "That easy, eh? (looking out) Looks like we're all loaded."
  • When Boomer asks Athena how one of the injured is doing and she says, "Not good. Neither are the rest of us," Boomer turns, looks across the compartment.
Boomer: "Maybe we could all learn something from him."
THEIR POINT OF VIEW - Boxey, sitting on a container, his eyes glued to the open vent.
Boomer: (o.s.) "There's no doubt in his mind that any minute Muffit is gonna show up leading a battalion of fire fighters."
Hold on Boxey for a beat.
  • When Tigh attaches the bag of life masks to Muffit for him to take back to Boomer and the others, Tigh says,
Tigh: "Muffit's programming includes the ability to retrace his steps."
  • This is the alternate ending that the writers originally wanted but the network overruled because they felt it would have been two repetitive to have the Cylons attack twice. After Tigh says to Apollo,
Tigh: "If I had a choice, I'd say no,"
we hear
Sheba's Voice: (from the radio) "Colonel..."
SHEBA'S COCKPIT - INTERCUT - SHEBA watching the swarm of trianglular blips appear on her scanner.
Sheba: "...Cylon fighters. Looks like another major attack force."
EXT. HULL - Apollo and Starbuck react.
Apollo: "Colonel, we sure could use some protection!"
STARFIELD - The seemingly endless formation of Cylon fighters comes into view. THE BRIDGE - Red alert is on. The red lights are on, the klaxon blares.
Tigh: (into radio) "Sheba, you'll fly close cover for Apollo and Starbuck. They're gonna need it... especially if it's another suicide run."
Sheba: "Yes, sir."
Tigh's Voice: (from radio) "Giles, you're leading Blue and Red Squadrons now."
Giles: "Yes, sir."
VIPERS IN FORMATION Sheba's Viper banks into a dive as the rest rocket ahead. STARFIELD as the Vipers, turbolasers blazing, engage the Cylons! OPERATING ROOM - Everyone is frozen, looking upward. Over the sounds of the anesthetic and the monitors, the muffled blaring of the klaxon is heard.
Cassiopea: (without emotion) "Cylons."
Salik: "Right now, they're not as dangerous as that generator. We're ready to open the heart wall. (beat, then holds out his hand) Finite micro laser."
Cassiopea takes the small laser from the tray, slaps it into Salik's hand. He looks up at the light for a beat as though willing it not to dim. Then he takes a breath and bends to Adama's exposed heart! THE BRIDGE - The klaxon stops as the red lights remain on.
Omega: "Red alert in force, sir. Standby squadrons ready to launch."
Tigh: "Launch."
  • STARBOARD LAUNCHING TUBE - One after the other, the Vipers rocket through it. EXT. HULL - APOLLO AND STARBUCK working feverishly as Sheba's Viper streaks into view. INT. SHEBA'S COKPIT -
Sheba: "Get inside as fast as you can, fellas. You look awfully vulnerable from up here."
Apollo: "Come on, Starbuck! Hurry!"
CORRIDOR OUTSIDE GENERATOR #2 COMPARTMENT - The four fire fighters are being pushed back by the advancing flames as the seal around the compartment door is beginning to smoke and fall away in pieces. STORAGE COMPARTMENT - BOXEY AND BOOMER as Boxey still watches the vent. Boomer puts his arm around the boy. INT. AIR DUCT - MUFFIT races through the flames whipping in through a vent and continues heading back toward the storage compartment with the precious life masks. CORRIDOR OUSIDE SOLIUM STORAGE COMPARTMENT - A bulkhead door is labeled: "DANGER, SOLIUM. NO SMOKING." Four different fire fighters train hoses on a smouldering door at the end of the corridor. Suddenly the door blows in and roaring flames boil through it. The men retreat slowly step by step only as the heat becomes too intense. STARFIELD - VIPERS AND CYLON FIGHTERS engaged in a huge battle! Outnumbered, the Vipers can't prevent the Cylons from progressing toward Galactica. INT. GILES' COCKPIT - INTERCUT - GILES as he lines up a Cylon in his sights and blasts him into twinkling space dust!
Giles: "There's too many! We can't stop them all from getting through!"
Centurion: "Observe Galactica."
THEIR POINT OF VIEW - In the distance, Galactica can clearly be seen burning.
Centurion: (o.s.) "Three centons to infinity coordinates. Prepare laser fire to insure success."
From the direction of Galactica, the other two Viper squadrons rocket into view, coming straight on. GILES COCKPIT as he blows another Cylon to bits.
Giles: "Here come our other squadrons! Now we got'em by their ion tails!"
  • OPERATING ROOM - ALL - As Adama lies anesthetized, Salik works intently, the others assisting.
Salik: "Another few centons is all we need."
THE BRIDGE - TIGH AND OMEGA watching the rising temperature gauges.
Tigh: (into radio) "Hurry, Apollo! An extra micron could make the difference!"
EXT. HULL - APOLLO AND STARBUCK - They've finished setting the charges.
Apollo: (into radio) "That's it, Colonel. We're heading for the detonator!"
They start to move off. INT. STORAGE COMPARTMENT - Boxey and Boomer at the open vent. Athena joins them. All three are perspiring heavily and coughing. They share a life mask with Boxey getting the most.
Boxey: "We're waiting for Muffit, Athena. He won't let us down."
She embraces him. She looks toward one of the doors. HER POINT OF VIEW - The seal is smoking and beginning to fall away. INT. AIR DUCT - MUFFIT runnng, pulling his precious cargo of life masks. EXT. HULL - APOLLO AND STARBUCK - SLOW MOTION - Making their way toward the detonator at the hatch, they approach one of the charges they set earlier. A blue laser beam slices the void, striking close to the nearby charge, sending up a shower of sparks! They turn and look! THEIR POINT OF VIEW - A Cylon fighter, lasers blazing, boring right in! SHEBA'S COCKPIT -
Apollo: (from radio) "Sheba! He's coming in fast!"
She follows the attacking Cylon, lines it up and blows it up in a dazzling explosion!
Sheba: "Not faster than me!"
ANOTHER CYLON FIGHTER boring in for the kill. EXT. HULL - CLOSE ON APOLLO AND STARBUCK as they reach the small push-button detonator. Apollo picks it up, ready to fire when:
Sheba's Voice: (from radio) "Another Cylon coming, Apollo! I can't line him up!"
Apollo and Starbuck look up. SHEBA'S COCKPIT - Ahead of her, a Cylon fighter weaves back and forth as it heads for Galactica. Sheba is firing near-misses. CYLON COCKPIT illuminated by flashes of the near-misses.
Centurion: "Prepare for oblivion."
EXT. HULL - CLOSE ON APOLLO AND STARBUCK as they watch the Cylon fighter approach.
Sheba's Voice: (from radio) "He's gonna ram!"
Starbuck: "Maybe you can get him with the explosion!"
Apollo: "If I time it just right. (into radio) Break off, Sheba. That's an order."
SHEBA'S COCKPIT - INTERCUT - Sheba: "All right, Captain. I hope you know what you're doing." She pulls up and away from the weaving Cylon fighter.
  • STORAGE COMPARTMENT - Everyone waiting for the end. The coughing is continuous as the few life masks are passed around. ANGLE - BOXEY, ATHENA, AND BOOMER - Between coughing, we hear a faint barking. Boxey is the only one who hears it. He looks up, alert.
Boxey: "Muffit! I hear Muffit!"
Another bark, closer! Athena and Boomer hear it now!
ANGLE - THE VENT as Muffit appears, sits and barks! Boxey hugs him happily. ANGLE - ALL - The group looks, begins to come to life. Muffit runs out and the life-mask conainers trail out after.
Boomer: "Life masks! Pass them around!"
The people eagerly take the containers. Boxey starts putting one on the critically inured young crewman. Boomer opens the metal box on Muffit's collar, extracts the note during:
Athena: "They'll save us from the smoke but not from the fire."
ANGLE ON THE DOORS - Small flames beginning to spurt in! EXT. HULL - APOLLO AND STARBUCK as they wait, Apollo's hand on the detonator. The tension is almost unbearable!
Apollo: "Another few microns...."
CYLON COCKPIT - The Galactica rushing up! STORAGE COMPARTMENT - Some have life masks on, others are donning them. Boomer is reading the note. He reacts!
Boomer: (urgently) "Put 'em on and take cover! They're gonna blow the hull!"
The rest quickly put theirs on. Athena checks Boxey's. Everyone tries to find some cover from the explosion. OPERATING ROOM - Salik slowly straightens up, looks wearily at the others for a beat, then:
Salik: "It's all over. (beat) He'll be okay."
Evrerybody breaks into happy grins. THE BRIDGE -
Tigh: (into radio) "Apollo, we're out of time!"
DOOR TO GENERATOR COMPARTMENT blows in in a rush of flame! DOOR TO SOLIUM STORAGE blows in in a rush of flame! EXT. HULL - APOLLO AND STARBUCK watching the approaching Cylon!
Apollo: "Now!"
He presses the detonator button! GALACTICA AND CYLON FIGHTER - The first explosion blows the Cylon fighter to atoms! Another charge explodes almost immediately. CORRIDOR OUTSIDE THE GENERATOR ROOM - A huge explosion further down the corridor and the flames die. CORRIDOR OUTSIDE SOLIUM STORAGE - An explosion in an adjacent corridor and the flames die. STORAGE COMPARTMENT - Everyone covers their heads as an explosion rocks them. (Note: If possible, show smoke running out around seal of door by reversing film). INT. BURNING PORT LANDING BAY - A huge explosion and the flames die. GALACTICA - From space, we see the gaping hole and watch the flames die.
Sheba: "Couldn't have done better myself, Captain!"
THE BRIDGE - TIGH - In b.g., Omega and other crewman happily thump each other on the back as they watch the temperature gauges.
Tigh: (into radio) "You did it, Apollo! You and Starbuck did it!"
No response. Tigh is alarmed.
Tigh: "Apollo!... Starbuck!..."
EXT. HULL - APOLLO AND STARBUCK - Their adrenaline has stopped pumping. Apollo sags, thinking of what has happened to his family.
Tigh's Voice: (from radio) "...Are you all right?"
Starbuck: "We're in one piece, Colonel. (looking at Apollo) Any word on Apollo's family?"
Tigh: "Yes, His father wants to see him."
Both Apollo and Starbuck brighten. FADE OUT - END OF ACT FOUR - FADE IN - LIFE CENTER short time later. Adama, fully awake, is in a life pod. Apollo arrives. They look at each other with mixed emotions... each grateful that the other has survived, yet sharing the grief of what they believe to be a horrible loss.
Apollo: (choked) "Father, Athena and Boxey..."
Adama: (interrupting) "I know. I wish it had been me, instead."
Athena's Voice: "We're glad it wasn't anyone."
ANGLE - INCLUDING ATHENA AND BOXEY - Apollo and Adama can't believe their eyes! Spechless, Apollo embraces both of them as Adama gazes up at them.
Adama: (to himself) "Dear God, thank you."
ANGLE - SALIK AND INJURED CREWMAN - Salik examines the badly injured young crewman as other survivors are being attended to in the b.g.
Salik: "You're gonna be okay, son. But if someone hadn't given you constant care, you wouldn't be here now."
ANGLE - CASSIOPEA AND BOOMER as she treats his burned hand.
Cassiopea: "I heard that if it wasn't for you, no one would've made it."
Boomer: "I just did what had to be done."
Starbuck enters the shot.
Starbuck: "Don't be so modest, Boomer. When you're a hero, you gotta act like it. Take me blowing the hull for instance."
Boomer gives Cassiopea a conspiratorial look. They both smile.
Boomer: "Blowing the hull? Couldn't be as tough as hot-linking a sealed bulkhead door. Do you know anything about hovermobiles?"
Starbuck looks at him, puzzled, then:
Starbuck: "Just that the only thing easier to hot-link is a sealed bulkhead door."
Apollo grins. Boomer does too. ANGLE - ADAMA, APOLLO, ATHENA, AND BOXEY - As Boxey disengages from his father's embrace, he looks at the tears in Apollo's eyes.
Boxey: "Why are you crying, Dad?"
Apollo: "I... I guess I got smoke in my eyes."
Boxeylooks in on Adama's tear-streaked face.
Boxey: "You got smoke in your eyes, too, Grandpa?"
Adama: (smiling) "No, Boxey. (beat) I'm crying because in my entire life, I've never been as happy as I am at this moment."
Boxey grins. He understands. THE END