Greetings From Earth/Deleted scenes

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From the DVD set[edit]

From the episode script[edit]

  • In the classroom, there are more educational lessons.
  • After Adama makes the decision to let the ship go and Apollo and Starbuck leave his quarters, Tigh says,
Tigh: "The council will boil you both alive."
Adama: "My son may never come back. That ship could be on a phantom course set by some space pioneers a thousand yahren ago. You think I'm worried about what happens to me?"
Tigh: "Then why let them go?"
Adama: "Because the civilization we seek is getting close and I do not intend to destroy their first emissaries."
Tigh: "You instead risk your own son."
Adama: "What better sign can I give the council that I believe with all my heart that we are doing the right thing." :Adama turns to the window and Tigh places a hand on his shoulder.