The Lost Warrior/Deleted scenes

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The Lost Warrior[edit]

  • Boxey asks if he can spend the night with Blue Squadron. Adama corrects Boxey's use between "can I" and "may I". After Starbuck confirms that it was what his father wanted, Boxey jumps into Boomer's arms and is carried away.
  • Apollo wades through the forest with his laser drawn, taking place behind a boulder, ready to take out the lupus threatening Puppis. Apollo is pleased when Puppis shoots the lupus with his numo, lowering his pistol and walking away.
  • An extended version of when Vella and Apollo talk about Martin. In the scenes that didn't make the final cut, Vella asks about the stars:
    Vella: Is it really that beautiful, that compelling?
    Apollo: Yes. But that takes nothing away from what he [Martin] had with you.
    Vella: No. I suppose not.
  • Vella's inebriated brother, Bootes talks to Apollo on the outskirts of town, telling him with "my temper, I'm liable to take that Red-Eye on, even without a laser pistol". Bootes answers Apollo's questions on where he can find Lacerta, who snidely replies: "Just follow your ears to the music." He also reveals that Lacerta owns the bar, as well as practically everything in town. Apollo attempts to sympathize with Bootes.
  • An extended scene where Cassiopeia removes Boxey from the Warriors' bunk, telling the Warriors to "recirculate the air in here". Boxey runs back to the table, telling Starbuck "that's two [drinks] you owe me, Starbuck," which Starbuck replies "as soon as I get paid," which solicits laughter from the other Warriors. After Boxey tells Starbuck to keep his hands off the jellybean winnings and leaves, Starbuck says, "All right, now let's play some real poker!"
  • Apollo washes off his face outside of Vella's residence, looks up at the sky, then throws a towel over his right shoulder and walks towards the house.
  • An extended scene where Apollo walks with Puppis and Vella, after Apollo destroys Red-Eye towards their buggy. Apollo drives the horse-drawn buggy off, with Bootes carcass in the back of the buggy.