Camp Oil Slick

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A view of the camp.

"Camp Oil Slick", later referred to as "Dogsville," is a nickname given to the temporary lodging set up on a part of the otherwise unused starboard hangar deck for displaced civilians rescued from New Caprica. These civilians originally hailed from ships in the Fleet that were dismantled for resources during New Caprica's colonization, or are currently unable to shelter them, or are otherwise unusable. Julia Brynn and her daughter Kacey and her mother are among some of the civilians living aboard Galactica (TRS: "Torn").

The remnants of Camp Oil Slick are later converted to a living area for refugees, in order to address the population concerns of the Fleet. Dogsville's "mayor" is Captain Karl Agathon, who accepts the post after Colonel Saul Tigh resumes his old post as Galactica's Executive Officer. Due to Helo's return to flight status in "A Day in the Life," it is uncertain if he is still "mayor" of Dogsville.

As more refugees arrive aboard Galactica, they are processed before entering the general public of Dogsville. Initially, medical treatment in Dogsville is provided by Doctor Michael Robert, a civilian doctor who worked back on New Caprica’s medical centre along side Cottle. When Mellorak infection breaks out in Dogsville, it is up to Robert and Karl Agathon to stop the spread and treat those already ill. Mellorak is transmitted by any exchange of bodily fluids, sexual intercourse, and touch through sweat on the skin. It is curable with the drug, bittamucin. It is a dangerous disease that is fatal in its advanced stages after 48 hours, but the disease is curable if caught early. First sign of symptoms usually arise after the initial 12 hours of infection. A group of Sagittarons come aboard pushing the already overcrowded Dogsville to breaking point. These new arrivals are mysteriously dying from the infection before the 48 hours and some even after treatment. The civilians are getting angry, and do not trust Robert. It is Agathon to the gratitude of the Sagittarons that discovers Dr. Robert is killing numerous Sagittarons under his treatment not just in Dogsville, but all the way back to the medical center on New Caprica (TRS: "The Woman King").

Civilians in line for food (TRS: "Deadlock").

Life in Dogsville for the civilians is very tough, with major shortages of food as well as roaming armed gangs using threats of force to steal what little supplies the civilians have. This refugee camp aboard Galactica is home to many children and their families, however they to have fallen on very hard times many nearly starving and exhausted from their living conditions. It would seem there is very little Marine presence unless there are supplies to be distributed to the civilians. When the civilians are queuing in line for food, the Marines have a hard time keeping the surging masses at bay. The people have to put up with pushing and shoving for the meager supplies handed out (TRS: "Deadlock").

Several people living in Dogsville, among them Daniel Noon, are conscripted to work on the refinery ship Hitei Kan after its crew goes on strike due to bad working conditions, and Galen Tyrol negotiates for worker rotations to relieve the people there (TRS: "Dirty Hands").

After having strange dreams about Leoben Conoy, Kara Thrace visits the oracle Yolanda Brenn in Dogsville (TRS: "Maelstrom").

After Baltar's desecration of the makeshift temple aboard Galactica; Roslin comments to William Adama that Baltar knows Dogsville is home to many religious hardliners, which she believes he is provoking (TRS: "Escape Velocity").

Notable residents