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Chief Galen Tyrol and his deckhands.

Deckhands are multi-faceted enlisted personnel on battlestars who prepare and maintain Colonial fighters and reconnaissance vehicles for flight and turnaround, as well as assume other maintenance duties throughout the vessel.

Also nicknamed "knuckledraggers", deckhands are tasked with keeping the limited number of Vipers and Raptors ready at all times for Combat Air Patrols, Raptor intra-Fleet shuttle flights, and large-scale engagements with Cylon forces.

Deckhand jumpsuits come in two colors. Orange jumpsuits are worn by repair and maintenance personnel, while yellow jumpsuited personnel (often nicknamed "lemonheads" due to their yellow helmet) are vehicle signalers on deck, but also perform the same maintenance tasks as those wearing orange jumpsuits.

Frequently seen deckhands include Galen Tyrol, Cally Tyrol, Diana Seelix, James Lyman and Anthony Figurski. On Galactica, deckhands were overseen by the highest-ranking and most experienced non-commissioned officer, Chief Petty Officer Galen Tyrol, before he is demoted. Chief Petty Officer Peter Laird, Pegasus's former high-ranking deckhand, assumed this position prior to his death during the mutiny; Tyrol later resumed this post, leading the human/Cylon repair teams as they attempted to maintain Galactica's structural integrity. Specialist Dealino assumed the position as chief of the deck when Tyrol was arrested for helping Sharon "Boomer" Valerii abduct Hera Agathon (TRS: "Someone to Watch Over Me", "Islanded in a Stream of Stars", "Daybreak, Part I").


Rank Name Last Seen
Specialist Marcie Brasko Someone to Watch Over Me
Specialist Dealino Islanded in a Stream of Stars


Rank Name Reason
Chief Petty Officer Galen Tyrol In custody after helping Sharon Valerii escape with Hera
Ensign Diana Seelix In custody after Gaeta's Mutiny
Crewman Specialist Gage In custody after Gaeta's Mutiny
Crewman Specialist Vireem In custody after Gaeta's Mutiny


Rank Name Death
Chief Petty Officer Peter Laird The Oath (killed by Tom Zarek)
Specialist Brooks The Face of the Enemy (killed by a Number Eight)
Petty Officer 2nd Class Callandra Tyrol (née Henderson) The Ties That Bind (killed by Tory Foster)
Crewman Specialist James "Jammer" Lyman Collaborators (executed by The Circle)
Crewman Specialist Socinus Valley of Darkness (KIA in the Battle of Kobol)
Crewman Specialist Tarn Scattered (KIA in the Battle of Kobol)
Crewman Specialist Prosna Miniseries (KIA in the Fall of the Twelve Colonies)

Status Unknown[edit]

The status of the following deckhands after Gaeta's Mutiny is unknown.

Rank Name Last Seen
Specialist Anthony Figurski Sometimes a Great Notion

Joanne Pollux Maelstrom

Redford Dirty Hands

Sanchez Dirty Hands

Herschel Dirty Hands