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These are the Quotes of the Day for November.

Baltar: Oh, God.

Cavil:: She'll be back...
Cavil: ... but if he pulls that trigger now, you won't.


D'anna Biers: "So what do you look for in a new recruit?"

Lt. Kara Thrace: "Coordination. Good reflexes. Total commitment. And most of all, someone crazy enough to follow me into combat."

--Final Cut

"Sooner or later, the day comes when you can't hide from the things that you've done anymore."

--Commander William Adama to an audience (Miniseries)

--Leoben Conoy to Adama (Miniseries)

"...The people of Galactica are it. They are the thin line of blue separating us from the Cylons. Lieutenant Gaeta told me a remarkable statistic: not a single member of Galactica's crew has asked to resign. Not one. Think about that. If you wore the uniform, wouldn't you want to quit?"
--From the documentary about the military by D'Anna Biers (Final Cut)

Lee Adama: Well, we're home free for now.

Tom Zarek: (standing in the hangar bay) Good to see you, Madam President.
Laura Roslin: Captain Apollo, what is Mr. Zarek doing here?
Adama: Once Tigh gets over his initial shock, he'll send troops out to search for us, and if we're going to make it, we have to keep on the move. I figured Mr. Zarek here is the only one in the fleet with enough shady friends around to hide us.
Zarek: (to Roslin) I love the way he puts that.
Roslin: Well, Mr. Zarek, it would seem that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Zarek: Call me Tom.


Colonel Saul Tigh: I can't believe you sided with that woman against the old man. I wouldn't do that if you put a gun to my head...and you did! As far as I'm concerned, you're not fit to wear a uniform.

Captain Lee Adama: Huh. You're right about that part. I am not fit to wear the uniform...and maybe I never was. Then again, neither are you. But this isn't my ship, and it sure as hell isn't yours. It's his, and when he wakes up, he'll decide what to do with the both of us. (Captain Adama leaves for the brig)

--Valley of Darkness

Lt. Kara Thrace: I don't want to do it again. I want a pill now. Please.

Dr. Cottle: Sorry. We're weaning you off the magic pills, starting today. And besides, I need 'em for myself. (He walks off.)
Thrace: You son of a bitch.

--Six Degrees of Separation

Captain Lee Adama: Hey, how about you, Boomer? Doc tells me you're holding up better than anybody in the squadron.<br\>

Lieutenant Sharon Valerii: I'm tired, like everybody else.<br\> Adama: You never seem it.<br\> Lieutenant Kara Thrace: 'Cause she's a Cylon.<br\> Valerii: You're just gonna make me come over there and kick your ass, aren't you?<br\>


Commander William Adama: Is this (baby) the shape of things to come?

Dr. Gaius Baltar: That's my understanding.
Adama: Only one thing for it then. (He drowns the baby)

--Valley of Darkness

"If you keep running from a schoolyard bully, he keeps on chasing you but the moment you turn around and stop and you punch him really hard in a sensitive spot, he'll think twice about coming back again."
--Commander William Adama (The Hand of God)

[ Discussing Gaius Baltar's election lead by using the issue of settlement on New Caprica ]

Laura Roslin: So I guess I should start packing up my office unless you have some super secret back up plan for victory in your pocket
Tory Foster: There's always a back up plan for victory.

--Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II

Number Eight: We're here to find a new way to live in peace, as God wants us to live!

Cavil: And it's been a fun ride, so far. But I want to clarify our objectives. If we're bringing the word of "God," then it follows we should employ any means necessary to so, any means.
Another Cavil: Yes. Fear is a key article of faith, as I understand it. So, perhaps it's time to instill a little more fear into the people's hearts and minds. Let's, uh, let's execute Baltar.
Gaius Baltar: Wha... WHAT?


"Two protons expelled at each coupling site creates the mode of force, the embryo becomes a fish though we don't enter until a plate, we're here to experience, evolve the little toe, atrophy, don't ask me how, I'll be dead in a thousand light years, thank you, thank you, genesis turns to its source, reduction occurs step wise though the essence is all one, end of line. FTL system check. Diagnostic functions within parameters repeats the harlequin, the agony exquisite, the colors run the path of ashes..."
-- The Hybrid (Torn)

Lt. Kara Thrace: You know you guys suck, right? Can't shoot, can't pass. Sure as hell can't take point.

Samuel Anders: Everyone's a critic.


The Cylons were created by man

They evolved
They rebelled
There are many copies
And they have a plan

--Opening to Season Two of the Re-imagined Series

Number Six: Love isn't about sex, Gaius.

Dr. Gaius Baltar: There's an enlightened point of view.
Number Six: I've been thinking. And as far as I'm concerned, you can have any woman you want. But always remember... I have your heart.
Baltar: Yes, of course you do.
Number Six: I can always rip it out of your chest if I need to.

--Colonial Day

"It's not really a thing, you know? It's probably a Cylon itself. More of an animal, maybe, than the human models. Maybe they genetically design it to perform a task. To be a fighter. You can't treat it like a thing and expect it to respond. You have to treat it like... a pet. But... at least, that's my guess."
--Lt. Sharon Valerii (Six Degrees of Separation)

Lee Adama gives his word to Tigh regarding his parole:

Captain Lee Adama: All right, you have my parole. When I'm on duty, I will make no attempt to free her or sow insurrection among the crew. When I'm not on duty, I'll report back to this cell.
Colonel Saul Tigh: (matter-of-factly) Pre-flight brief is underway in the ready room.
Lee Adama: Right.


Dr. Cottle: I could give you a shot but you wouldn't like the side effects.

President Laura Roslin: Just do it. (rolls up her sleeve)
Cottle: It's not that kind of a shot.

--Six Degrees of Separation

Boxey: Do I still have to stay for an extra study period?

Athena: Yes Boxey.
Boxey: Oh frack!

--TOS: Greetings From Earth

"Lords, it's Kara Thrace. I'm runnin'... running a little low on O2 and I could use a lucky break... No? OK, just thought I'd mention it."
--Lt. Kara Thrace (You Can't Go Home Again)

Lt. Karl Agathon: Hey, aren't you Gaius Baltar?

Dr. Gaius Baltar: I haven't done anything. This lady here has ticket number 47.
Agathon: Could you come up here please?
Lt. Sharon Valerii: What are you doing?
Agathon: I'm giving up my seat.
Valerii: Like hell.
Agathon: A civilian should take my place.
Valerii: You're going.
Agathon: Look at those clouds. Sharon look at those clouds. Tell me this isn't the end of everything. Whatever future is left is going to depend on whoever survives. Give me one reason why I'm a better choice than one of the greatest minds of our time.


Captain Apollo: Attention! Everybody listen to me! I want everyone to move quickly to the exits. That is an order.

Sire Uri: Stay where you are, I'M IN CHARGE HERE!
(Cylons attack)
Uri: Do what the man says, he's in charge.

--TOS: Saga of a Star World

Captain Lee Adama: Dad, I'll bring it back.

Commander William Adama: You better, or I'll kick your ass. It's a good lighter.

--The Hand of God

"Humanity's children are returning home. Today."
--Number Six (Miniseries)

President Laura Roslin: You actually think that woman is a Cylon?

Captain Lee Adama: Well if she's not then we're all in a lot of trouble.

--Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down

Petty Officer Anastasia Dualla: All civilian ships present and... strike my last. One civilian ship missing and unaccounted for sir.

Colonel Saul Tigh: Which one?
Dualla: The Olympic Carrier, commercial passenger vessel.
Commander William Adama: Were they left behind?
Dualla: Think I accounted for all civilian ships before we left.
Tigh: You think? Did you or didn't you?
Dualla: They're... they're not logged in sir. I think they may have been left behind.


Sergeant Hadrian: Corporal of the guard, restrain the witness and return him to his chair.

Commander William Adama: Your orders are to escort Sergeant Hadrian back to her quarters and keep her in confinement until further notice. Make your choice, son.
Corporal: Sergeant Hadrian, will you come with us please?


"You're the one who let the Cylons into the defense mainframe. You betrayed your entire race. You're the man responsible for the holocaust and I'm here to see that you're exposed and sentenced to death as the traitor you really are."
--Shelly Godfrey (Six Degrees of Separation)

"It doesn't show in my file Athena, when I was a kid on Caprica I hotlinked more hover-mobiles than there are doors on this ship."
--Boomer (Fire in Space)


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