Jurgen Belzen

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Jurgen Belzen
Jurgen Belzen


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Colony Gemenon
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Death Shot by Admiral Cain for questioning her orders
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Children At least two daughters
Marital Status Wife Rika Belzen
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Role Executive officer of Pegasus
Rank Colonel
Serial Number 635440[1]
Portrayed by Steve Bacic
Jurgen Belzen is a Cylon
Jurgen Belzen is a Final Five Cylon
Jurgen Belzen is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Jurgen Belzen is an Original Series Cylon
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Jurgen Belzen was Admiral Helena Cain's long-time executive officer on Pegasus and close friends with her.

When the battlestar puts in for a lengthy overhaul at the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards, he plans to go paragliding on Scorpia. After the Cylon attack on the Twelve Colonies Pegasus conducts an attack on what is believed to be a small Cylon communications relay, but turns out to be a large staging area. When the Cylons jump in 15 squadrons of Raiders to close an apparent trap, Cain orders to launch all remaining Viper squadrons. Not wanting to waste their outnumbered Vipers, Belzen urges Cain to reconsider and recall the first squadron and order a retreat. Cain views his persistence and official refusal to carry out her order as insubordination, asks for his sidearm and shoots him in the head with it in front of the entire CIC crew. Pegasus eventually wins the battle, but with staggering losses.

These events are later told to Colonel Tigh by Colonel Fisk. Although Fisk later says that he has been lying, Tigh remains convinced that he has been telling the truth ("Pegasus," "Razor").


  • Although Fisk laughs his claims off as a joke in the episode "Pegasus," Ronald D. Moore said in a blog entry that all of it is in fact true. The events are later depicted, and thus confirmed, in "Razor".
  • His first name, as it is German, should be written "Jürgen" or "Juergen," but it is not unusual to drop diacritical marks in English as the name is pronounced with a "u" in it.
  • Steve Bacic also played the XO of the Andromeda, in the series of the same name, who was also killed by his commanding officer.
  • His counterpart in the Original Series is Tolan.


  1. This information comes from his dogtags.

Preceded by:
Executive Officer, Pegasus Succeeded by:
Jack Fisk