Skirmish at the Farm

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Skirmish at the Farm
[[Image:|center|300px|Skirmish at the Farm]]
Conflict: Second Cylon War
Date: Shortly after the Battle of Kobol
Related Episode(s):
Place: Caprica
Result: Colonial victory
Remnants of the Colonial Fleet
Caprica Resistance
Samuel Anders
Lieutenant Kara Thrace
Number Six
Lieutenant Kara Thrace
Lieutenant Karl Agathon
Caprica Resistance
1 captured Heavy Raider
2 Number Fours
1 Number Six
Several Cylon Centurions
Materiel Losses
None All Centurions
Cylon farm
Other women captured for experimentation
1 Number Six
2 Number Fours
All Centurions
Battle Chronology
Previous Next
Battle of Kobol Skirmish at the Farm Great Cylon Turkey Shoot

The Skirmish at the Farm was an engagement between the Caprica Resistance aided by Lieutenant Kara "Starbuck" Thrace Lieutenant Karl "Helo" Agathon, and a Cylon defector against Cylon forces at a breeding farm.


After being sent to Caprica by President Laura Roslin to retrieve the Arrow of Apollo, Lieutenant Thrace met up with long-missing Lieutenant Agathon and his lover, an apparent copy of Kara's friend Sharon Valerii. When Thrace repeatedly threatened to kill her, Caprica-Valerii fled in Thrace's stolen Cylon Raider, leaving Thrace and Agathon stranded on Caprica. Sometime afterwards, the two met up with the Caprica Resistance and as they were planning an assault to steal a Heavy Raider, the group was ambushed and Thrace and Sue-Shaun were captured by Cylon forces and taken to a breeding farm. While Sue-Shaun was attached a "baby machine" along with other women, Thrace was experimented on directly by a Number Four going by the name of Simon under the guise of treating her injuries from the ambush. During this time, at least one of her ovaries were removed. However, the Number Four accidentally broke his cover to the suspicious Thrace by calling her by her call-sign of Starbuck which she hadn't told him. After seeing him discussing his plan to remove her ovaries completely with a Number Six, Thrace realized that Simon was actually a Cylon agent and she had to escape.

At the same time, the Caprica Resistance returned to the ambush point to look for clues to Thrace's location. Caprica-Valerii, who had been tracking Agathon for days, appeared and offered her help to rescue Thrace. With the help of Valerii, the Caprica Resistance stole a Heavy Raider and launched a rescue mission for Thrace (TRS: "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I," "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II," "Scattered," "Resistance," "The Farm").


Needing to escape, Thrace breaks a bedside mirror and waits for Simon to return. When he does, she reveals her suspicions to him and then proceeds to kill the Cylon by stabbing him in the neck with the mirror shard. Sneaking her way through the facility, Thrace spots a Number Six and kills her by smashing her head in with a fire extinguisher. To Thrace's horror, she finds Caprica Resistance member Sue-Shaun and other women hooked up to "baby machines." Not wanting to live like this and unable to be unhooked without being killed, Sue-Shaun asks Thrace to destroy the machines and mercy-kill the women. Thrace reluctantly smashes the machines, ending the women's suffering. Getting outside the facility, Thrace is confronted by another Number Four who greets her. Before Thrace or the Four can do anything, the Caprica Resistance and Lieutenant Karl Agathon arrive and kill the Four. As Thrace attempts to escape to the Resistance, Centurions on higher levels of the facility open fire, pinning her and the Resistance down, but Caprica-Valerii arrives in a captured Heavy Raider and destroys the Centurions. The Cylon forces and their farm destroyed, the Resistance retreats in the Heavy Raider before anymore Cylons can arrive. (TRS: "The Farm")


Having identified their doctor as a copy of Number Four, Samuel Anders dispatches Jean Barolay to get rid of the Cylon agent, not aware that there is also a Number One in the Resistance's midst. At their base, Lieutenant Kara Thrace interrogates the Number Eight about what was done to her at the farm. Eight explains that the Cylons are unable to have children naturally which they attribute to a lack of love and along with the experiment to impregnate her, they are using the farms to attempt to artificially impregnate human women. She is unaware of exactly what was done to Thrace, though. Hearing about the farms and angry about what was done to her, Thrace proposes that the Resistance use their captured Heavy Raider to destroy all of the farms. However, Anders tells her she has a mission to complete and gives her the Arrow of Apollo. Anders tells Thrace to find Earth, and the Resistance will destroy all of the farms they can. Thrace agrees and after promising to be back to rescue him, she, the Eight, and Agathon leave in the Heavy Raider to return to the fleet. The three jump the Heavy Raider to Kobol where they meet up with the Laura Roslin faction (TRS: "The Farm," "The Plan," "Home, Part I," "Home, Part II").