Delphi Union High School

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The Delphi Union High School was a high school near the Caprican city of Delphi.

Delphi Union High School (TRS: "The Farm")

It survives the Cylon nuclear holocaust and becomes a base of operations for the anti-Cylon resistance movement led by Samuel Anders, as the Cylons do not run patrols through the area it is located in. At one time over 100 people live and operate out of the bombed out High School as it provides good cover from the Cylons, don't attack it initially (although the resistance would be reduced down to 53 by the time Starbuck and Helo meet them roughly 46 days after the Cylon attack). There is an armory located roughly 18 kilometers north of it which the resistance raid for weapons the same day that Starbuck and Helo encounter them. For recreational purposes, Anders and his teammates from the Caprica Buccaneers construct a make-shift Pyramid court in the school's courtyard (TRS: "Resistance").

Nine months after the Cylon occupation began, according to Anders the Cylons find this location and attack the base, killing half his remaining men. It is unknown whether or not the school itself survives the assault (TRS: "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part I").


  • According to the teaser of the extended cut of "Pegasus", which was repeated in the recap at the beginning of the episode "Scar", it is located 300 klicks (187.5 miles) north of the only Cylon airbase in the area. This could refer to the airbase in Delphi itself that Helo and Caprica-Sharon try to infiltrate in "Colonial Day".