Standoff Between Galactica and the Cylon Rebels

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Standoff Between Galactica and the Cylon Rebels
The Rebel Cylons attempt to coerce the Final Five out of hiding
The Rebel Cylons attempt to coerce the Final Five out of hiding
The Rebel Cylons attempt to coerce the Final Five out of hiding
Conflict: Second Cylon War
Date: Shortly after the Battle of the Resurrection Hub
Related Episode(s): Revelations
Place: Within close proximity to Earth
Result: Colonial-Cylon alliance restored
Final Four publicly identified
Location of Earth discovered by Kara Thrace
Remnants of the Colonial Fleet Rebel Cylon faction
Admiral William Adama
Acting President Lee Adama
D'Anna Biers
Tory Foster
Galactica Rebel basestar
Materiel Losses
None None
One Colonial pilot executed None
Battle Chronology
Previous Next
Battle of the Resurrection Hub Standoff Between Galactica and the Cylon Rebels Gaeta's Mutiny

The Standoff Between Galactica and the Cylon Rebels occurs following the rendezvous of the rebel basestar with the Fleet after the successful destruction of the Resurrection Hub. When the lone remaining Number Three copy, D'Anna Biers, assumes command of the rebel basestar, she makes a general request to the Fleet for the four members of the Final Five secretly living among its population to reveal themselves and turn themselves over to her. In order to ensure their safety, she takes the Colonial pilots already aboard the basestar after the successful assault on the Resurrection Hub hostage, along with civilians Gaius Baltar and President Laura Roslin. Tory Foster willing goes aboard the basestar and is welcomed by her Cylon brethren, yet Saul Tigh, Galen Tyrol and Samuel Anders refuse to leave Galactica.

Biers pushes the situation to a confrontation when she executes a Colonial pilot and informs Admiral Adama she will continue executing one pilot ever 15 minutes until she has all four Cylons in her custody. Meanwhile, Tigh, Tyrol, and Anders are suddenly drawn toward the Viper which Kara Thrace miraculously reappeared in during the Battle of the Ionian Nebula. Each believes that something about the fighter has changed, and while Anders suggests they find Thrace, Tigh heads off to confront Admiral Adama and confess the truth to him. Tigh tells Adama everything and says the only way to end the standoff is to kill him and deny D'Anna her prize. The revelations devastate the Admiral and as Colonel Tigh is led away to the airlock by marines, Adama breaks down emotionally and physically. He confesses to Lee that he can't bring himself to kill his oldest friend, so Lee steps up to do what must be done.

When Biers contacts Galactica again she is informed by Acting President Adama that he has Tigh waiting in a launch tube and ready to be ejected into the vacuum at a moment's notice if her hostages are not released within 10 minutes. Incensed by the revelation, Biers orders the remaining Colonial pilots rounded up, preparing to execute them if Adama follows through on his threat. Deeper inside the basestar, Baltar and Roslin notice the commotion and a Leoben arrives to inform them that D'Anna's going to start executing the hostages. Baltar asks Leoben to take him to see D'Anna, believing he can reason with her and end the standoff peacefully. Adama asks Tigh to identify the remaining two Cylons, and he complies. Back on the hanger deck, Kara Thrace joins Anders and Tyrol at her Viper and though she expresses doubts about their 'feeling', Anders reminds her about how he believed in her when no one else did. Its at this moment that a marine squad storms the hanger and takes Anders and Tyrol into custody. A shocked Thrace is left reeling when the marines inform her they are both (along with Tigh) Cylons.

After being informed that Adama now has all three remaining Cylons in custody, Biers is further provoked and is prompted by Tory Foster to press Lee, thinking he'll back down. Biers orders the basestar's nuclear warheads armed and targeted on the civilian fleet. During the chaos, Thrace activates her Viper's communications system and begins to pick up a faint signal coming from an unknown source not far off. Baltar arrives on the bastestar's bridge and although D'Anna is pleased to see him, she's unsure about listening to him as she believes humanity will never forgive the Cylons. After Baltar suggests that she was brought back to bring about peace and that there might be another way to end things, D'Anna seems to consider things as an Eight tells her that the Fleet is targeted. Back in her Viper, Thrace locks down the source of the signal and is struck with a sudden revelation about its nature and origin. She races across the hanger deck to get to the launch tube before either Lee can execute the three Cylons or D'Anna can launch her nukes and arrives just in time with a stunning announcement: "Those three frakking Cylons just gave us Earth." Afterwards, Adama apparently calls a temporary truce to check things out as both sides seem to back down tempoarily.

The standoff is resolved when President Adama invites Biers and her fellow Cylons aboard Galactica to see the signal that will lead them to Earth after checking it out himself and being convinced by Thrace of what it has to be. Adama informs D'Anna that this is a gesture of good faith and he believes the alliance between the Cylons and humans can be mended. He also grants the Final Five an amnesty and the freedom to decide their own destinies. Biers accepts the peace offer, releasing the hostages and together the Cylons and humans set out to find Earth (TRS: "Revelations").


Together the two forces, human and Cylon jump to Earth only to find it a devestated nuclear wasteland. Both sides are devestated by this revelation and are shocked to learn that the Thirteenth Tribe are in fact Cylons themselves and that the Final Five were members of it. D'Anna chooses to remain behind and die on Earth and Saul Tigh regains his memory of his death on Earth which shows the identity of the final Cylon: Ellen Tigh. D'Anna, like everyone, had believed her dead so she didn't expose her. Afterwards, both Cylons and humans leave the uninhabitable Earth, but at Adama's offer, the Rebel Cylons remain with the Fleet to look for a new home. Ellen later joins the humans and rebel Cylons after being brought back by Boomer, having resurrected in a new body after she died. This is the only major problem that the two sides have with each other. Later events, such as Gaeta's Mutiny bring them closer together and after destroying Cavil's faction in the Battle of The Colony, the two sides settle down on Earth together in peace.