Fall of the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards

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Fall of the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards
Fall of the Scorpion Shipyards
Fall of the Scorpion Shipyards
Fall of the Scorpion Shipyards
Conflict: Second Cylon War
Fall of the Twelve Colonies
Date: YR00
Approx. 40 years after the end of the First Cylon War
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Place: Scorpion Fleet Shipyards
Result: Cylon victory, destruction of harboured Colonial Fleet, destruction of the yards, Pegasus escapes
Colonial Fleet Cylons
Rear Admiral Helena Cain Basestar command
5 battlestars[1]
, 2 fleet escorts[2], Vipers, Raptors
Unknown number of basestars and associated Raiders
Materiel Losses
Shipyards, as well as: At least 3 battlestars and 3 other military vessels, 12 Vipers and 2 Raptors from Pegasus's air wing. 12 further craft beyond repair. That brings Pegasus's air wing down to approx 180 Vipers Unknown, minimal
~723 dead on Pegasus
Untold overall casualties
Unknown, minimal
Battle Chronology
Previous Next
Fall of the Twelve Colonies Fall of the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards Battle of Ragnar Anchorage

The Fall of the Scorpion (Scorpia) Fleet Shipyards is an attack launched by the Cylons as part of their of their overall attack on the Twelve Colonies. With numerous Raider squadrons armed with nuclear missiles, the Cylons destroy the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards as well as at least three battlestars and several support vessels (TRS: "Razor").

The Cylons achieve complete surprise upon jumping to the shipyards, and the Colonials have little time to put up any defense. At least one battlestar is immediately destroyed after being struck by a missile, and rows of the shipyard's Vipers and Raptors are destroyed before taking off. In conjunction with the attack, the Cylons initiate a nuclear strike on the surface of Scorpia (TRS: "The Plan").

The battlestar Pegasus, commanded by Rear Admiral Helena Cain, is docked at the shipyards in order to undergo a three-month systems overhaul when the attack occurs. In preparation for the refit, all computer networks are shut down, leaving the battlestar largely unaffected by Cylon-infiltrated Command Navigation Program. During the attack, Colonel Belzen reports that all computers are down and that the crew must perform all functions manually.

Tethered to its dock, Pegasus is swarmed by Raiders and struck by several missiles. Fuel and ordnance ignite on the battlestar's hangar decks, causing explosions that cause over 700 casualties. Cain orders a hasty departure from the dock, and the ship fires its reversing thrusters and tears itself free from the burning shipyard's umbilicals.

With Pegasus's defenses still down, and two nuclear missiles inbound, Cain orders the CIC crew to spin up the FTL drive and to perform a blind jump on her command, despite the risk of reemerging inside a celestial body. The nuclear detonations throughout the shipyard create bursts of electromagnetic radiation that mask the jump and fool the Cylons into believing that the ship is destroyed (TRS: "Pegasus"; "Razor").

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  1. In "Pegasus," Cain says "Five ships, two of them battlestars, they were destroyed right there." In "Razor" two battlestars can be clearly seen in the establishing shot of the shipyard, and 3 ships of Valkyrie's ship class are destroyed later. Together with the unknown vessel above Pegasus, this makes at least four initial losses, which makes it likely that Cain's comment is an estimate.
  2. It is unknown whether the large vessel above Pegasus is a designated as a battlestar by the Colonial Fleet.