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Colors and symbol of Gemenon

Gemenon (ancient name Gemini) is a planet in the star system Cyrannus and one of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. Its capital was Oranu.[1]

The Gemenese population was known for its religious fundamentalism, both regarding Colonial polytheism as well as Monotheism. The Colony was also regarded one of the purer Colonial worlds, lingering in the shadow of its prospering twin Caprica.

Geography and Astronomy

Gemenon from orbit.

Gemenon is a barren, arid and xeric world, with only few bodies of water. As seen from orbit, the planet was mostly covered in deserts and dry lands, with hardly any visible vegetation.

The planet shares its orbit with the Colony Caprica (CAP: Pilot, TV version).

History and Culture

The planet also had either an old or disused language, known as Old Gemenese (TRS: "Razor").

Before the First Cylon War

The Monotheist Church's retreat on Gemenon.

After the Fall

Three months after the Fall, approximately 9,500 Gemenese join the Laura Roslin faction over Kobol (TRS: "Home, Part I"). The large and devoted Gemenese population continues to be an important political factor within the fugitive fleet (TRS: "The Captain's Hand").


A city on Gemenon

Gemenon's second-largest city, Illumini, was built around a large Pantheon complex, composed of buildings intended to worship and celebrate every deity in the Sacred Scrolls.[2]


Notable natives and residents

Pre-First Cylon War

Post-First Cylon War

Publications and Media

Pyramid Team




  • The first glimpse of Gemenon was presented in "[[The Plan]", were both a Gemenese space port and city were seen. The latter however, was not identified as Gemenese until "Unvanquished". Gemenon was first seen from orbit in the TV version of the Caprica Pilot.
  • If the word "Inviere" (meaning "Resurrection") is any indication, Old Gemenese was probably similar to the Romanian language of our Earth.
  • According to Serge's Twitter account, Gemenon is the planet that shares its orbit with Caprica. This planet is seen at the beginning of the aired Caprica pilot, but not identified in said episode.
  • As an Easter Egg in The Plan, the building on the lower left of the screen is the same one where the Romulan Senate assembles in Star Trek Nemesis. A detailed picture of this building is available here.


  1. Serge's twitter account mentioned the capitals of Gemenon, Virgon, Leonis, Sagittaron, Scorpia, Canceron and Aerilon in this tweet.
  2. The Caprican article: "Top 5 Off-Beat Vacation Destinations".


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