Troy (RDM)

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Troy is a small, metal rich planet in the Helios Beta system, and home to a Colonial mining settlement that suffered a cataclysm, killing a majority of the people who were there at the time. It was not one of the Twelve Colonies themselves. The disaster was caused by a protective dome collapsing and causing a massive explosion as a result of a chain reaction.

The Cylon copy Number Eight known as Sharon "Boomer" Valerii believed that she and her parents, Abraham and Katherine Valerii, had lived on Troy (TRS: "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II," "Flesh and Bone").


  • In Greek mythology, in Homer's Iliad, Troy was a city and the site of the Trojan War.
  • A certain parallel can be seen between the backstory and the story of the Trojan Horse. Sharon Varelii could be seen as the Trojan Horse sent by the Cylons, who would be considered the other Greek factions aligned against the Trojans. The Cylons send Valerii into the Colonies through Troy to destroy them. Valerii is accepted and ultimately betrays the Colonies much to their shock and surprise.
  • According to the fictional backstory, her mother was still alive when Boomer left for the Colonial Fleet academy and that the accident happened en route. In the Miniseries, she tells Boxey that her parents died when she was little. Later, in "Downloaded," she says that she received a gift from her mother when she left for the academy. This jibes with the first point, but conflicts with what she tells Boxey, therefore becoming a continuity error unless training exists for very young cadets. However, Sharon also might have been making this claim in an attempt to comfort Boxey.
  • The colony was possibly settled by Aerilon, as Gaius Baltar noted that Valerii had a slight trace of an Aerilonian accent (TRS: "Flesh and Bone"), however, the Map of the Twelve Colonies shows that the planet is located in a separate system from Aerilon, instead being the first planet located next to Virgon and Leonis. It is noted that Troy has been mined extensively by these two colonies since their founding.
  • A deleted scene from "Daybreak" mentions that the disaster was the result of a protective dome over a city collapsing and causing a massive explosion as a result of a chain reaction. The fact that cities on Troy were domed indicates that the rest of the planet was either uninhabitable or at least very unfriendly to human life. This is supported by information from the Map of the Twelve Colonies.