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Introduced The Long Patrol
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Portrayed by Ted Gehring
Croad is a Cylon
Croad is a Final Five Cylon
Croad is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Croad is an Original Series Cylon
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Croad is the chief enforcer of the prison planetoid of Proteus.

Croad can be described as half-drunken and thickheaded—a description fitting most of the prisoners and the enforcers themselves. He is capable of flying, albeit laxly, old sixth-millennium starfighter craft. He uses such a craft to pursue Robber, who is flying valuable crates of ambrosa to Aeries.

Starbuck manages to repair the ship sufficiently for flight, but is caught by Croad and is given the name "Bootlegger 137". The designation doesn't sit well with Starbuck, enough so that he discovers that the locks on the cell doors are in a state of disrepair and escapes. This forces Croad to face the truth. The prisoners begin a revolt once they find out that they are helping only the enforcers as they slave over production of long-fermenting ambrosa.

Croad accuses Starbuck of being a Cylon spy, however this is disproven by the landing of Apollo, Boomer and Robber.

He survives an attack from three Cylon Raiders, and apparently still continues living on Proteus (TOS: "The Long Patrol").