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Introduced The Man with Nine Lives
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Portrayed by Lance LeGault
Maga is a Cylon
Maga is a Final Five Cylon
Maga is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Maga is an Original Series Cylon
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Maga is the leader of the two other Borellian Nomen on a blood trail for the human Chameleon, who pretended to be Captain Dmitri of the Livestock Ship. He is the elder of the trio of Nomen, and dedicated to the inscrutable life of The Code. As with all Nomen, he is not fond of other Humans, and believes that Nomen are the True Humans.

As they proceed after their prey, Taba brings dishonor to them by prematurely drawing his laser bola. Maga excuses the actions as excitement and drink, however Taba dishonors him again in the waiting bay of the Rising Star; Maga disowns the young Nomen and permits the Warriors to apprehend him. Sometime after in the vacant waiting area, Maga clarifies his reasoning to Bora, who "sought enlightenment".

Maga and Bora, inspired by Omega's advertisement for new Colonial Warriors, act as recruits to get aboard Galactica. After incapacitating Corporal Lomas, they manage to square off with Starbuck, whom they believe is alone. However, their prey, Chameleon, manages to fire the Viper's lasers into the tube they enter. Despite the deadly energy expended, Maga miraculously survives with his accomplice, Bora -- both of whom later join Taba on the Prison Barge (TOS: "The Man with Nine Lives").

Although not privy to the ideas of Baltar when the Eastern Alliance enforcers were aboard the Barge, Maga listens with interest to the plan. Accepting only after Baltar agrees he wouldn't be their leader, as Baltar's record to date does not "inspire confidence", Maga says that the Nomen would "temporarily die". Baltar, as any person would have, questions the statement. However, Maga replies: "We do many things to survive, even die."

The Nomen, after returning to their cells, suddenly collapse one by one. Although the rest are locked up in their cells, Maga springs to life and, along with the other two Nomen, quickly incapacitate the Council Security Barge guards. Maga explains to an astonished Baltar that their reflexes have slowed due to their incarceration, but would recover with time.

After taking the shuttle and its pilots, Lieutenants Boomer and Sheba, hostage, they fly to Galactica. Maga, Baltar, and the two Nomen attempt to make way to the bridge, however are prevented by Captain Apollo and Lieutenant Starbuck. Although Baltar attempts to convince Adama that he would not harm the hostages, Maga thinks he is a fool, as does the freed, stereotypical Nazi-SS Commander archetype, Commandant Leiter (TOS: "Baltar's Escape").

Maga escapes along with Leiter's men onboard the Eastern Alliance destroyer (TOS: "Baltar's Escape").