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Portrayed by Lloyd Bochner
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Commandant Leiter is an Eastern Alliance destroyer commander who discovers Colonial Vipers. Leiter is ruthless and fascist; a consummate Eastern Alliance commander. He comments that the people on Destroyer Two were incompetent and unworthy of the ship they were bestowed.

Upon discovery of the Vipers, Leiter orders Krebbs to alter course to Paradeen after the latter reported the fighters as having a power consumption of immeasurable scale. They subsequently track the landing beacon—left on by Hector who neglected to deactivate and destroy the device—and attempts to threaten Sarah with Walker's life, hoping to reveal the locations of the Viper pilots. Much to Leiter's misfortune, Michael, Apollo, Starbuck and their group had other ideas in mind and manage to overpower the dozen Alliance officers.

When the destroyer is escorted to Galactica by Apollo and Starbuck, Leiter attempts to boast about the power of the Eastern Alliance, to which Starbuck cheerfully points out battlestar Galactica. This leaves Leiter in amazement after Krebbs indicates the ship as being the largest that they have ever seen before (TOS: "Greetings From Earth").

Leiter and his officers are imprisoned on the Prison Barge, where Adama later questions him regarding Terra and other aspects of the Eastern Alliance. Typical of his type, Leiter reveals little of worth before Reese interrupts Adama's interrogation.

The commandant is later involved with the escape of the Borellian Nomen, Baltar, and the Alliance officers. Thanks to Baltar and the captured Quorum members, he manages to get his crew and ship back, lifting off Galactica with the three Nomen (Bora, Maga, and Taba) (TOS: "Baltar's Escape").