Portia King

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Portia King
Portia King


Age 45
Colony Sagittaron
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Introduced The Woman King
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Children Willie King (deceased)
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Portrayed by Gabrielle Rose
Portia King is a Cylon
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Portia King is a Sagittaron native who is relocated to Galactica's starboard flight pod in Dogsville.

When her son gets sick, she initially refuses to let Dr. Robert treat him, because she, like many Sagittarons, shuns medication by religious beliefs, and because she has heard stories that the doctor is harming people.

Eventually King allows Dr. Robert to treat Willie, only to find out the next day that her son has died overnight. She suspects Dr. Robert of deliberately killing Sagittarons, and tells Karl Agathon about her suspicions repeatedly.

Thanks to her tip, Agathon researches the matter, and finds out that Robert is indeed killing patients, effectively euthanizing them instead of giving them the life saving drug bittamucin. Later, she warns Agathon of the potential threat to Lieutenant Anastasia Dualla and watches in relief as Agathon arrests Doctor Robert. (TRS: "The Woman King").


  • Both her first name, "Portia," and age (45) are from the script.