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Portrayed by Rebecca Davis
Naia is a Cylon
Naia is a Final Five Cylon
Naia is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
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Naia and her son Gaius are two of the numerous refugees livings in Dogsville, one of many families calling the refugee camp home. Her young son and herself are surviving off of the rations that are distributed regularly by Galactica crew members, which is not nearly enough for the two of them or anyone else in Dogsville.

Gaius Baltar approaches Naia, drawn by her beauty, and greets her warmly. He asks about her son and she tells him his name is Gaius, after his father. Baltar asks the young Gaius if he is hungry, to which the boy nods. He offers them food from their own stock while Paulla Schaffer protests. Baltar makes a grand speech promising to feed all the people of Dogsville. Naia embraces him in gratitude, while his followers look on.

Later Naia and her son are present as they collect their food from Baltar and his followers, and when the Sons of Ares show up armed and steal it all for themselves (TRS: "Deadlock").