Mellorak infection

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Mellorak infection, also called Mellorak sickness, is a disease known to the Colonies.

The infection originates in the kidneys, then rapidly attacks the respiratory and immune system; it is transmitted by skin contact, as well as through bodily fluids and sexual intercourse. The only known treatment for this infection is a drug called bittamucin, which must be used within 48 hours after the onset of symptoms. Those who are not properly treated have a time period of 3 to 5 days before death.

Symptoms of this infection include coughing, clammy complexion, and lethargy.

After boarding Galactica, Sagittarons, including Willie King, are identified as having the infection, but refuse to take the drug initially due to religious beliefs.

Instead of receiving bittamucin, many Sagittarons (including Willie King) treated by Doctor Michael Robert are poisoned and die, excluding Anastasia Dualla. Robert believes that the Sagittarons, who shunned medication in general, were not worthy of receiving the limited supply of medication (TRS: "The Woman King").