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Image: POTD - Layne Ishay's Role in TABFAYW.png

Caption: Layne Ishay's role in revealing Gaius Baltar's return to The Fleet is mostly excised (TRS: "Taking a Break From All Your Worries").

Image: POTD - Bear McCreary on the Cylon Theme.png

Caption: Bear McCreary on the orchestration of the "Cylon Theme," and the unintentional tie-in to the kitchen shoot-out in "You Can't Go Home Again."

Image: POTD - Xaviar to Adama On Speeding Up Earth's Development.png

Caption: Xaviar attempts to convince Adama the merits of using the time warp synthesizer to alter Earth's development, so that they may be able to fight against the Cylons (1980: "Galactica Discovers Earth, Part II").

Image: POTD - Starbuck on Fallen Pilots - Scar.png

Caption: Kara Thrace salutes fallen pilots in "Scar."

Image: POTD - Luciana Carro on BSG and Caprica.png

Caption: On this day in 2010 (05 February), Luciana Carro returned to the Battlestar Galactica universe as a completely different character called Priyah Magnus in Caprica's "Reins of a Waterfall."

Image: POTD - Hatch on a Nixon-Frost Type Interview for Zarek - BOTS.png

Caption: Richard Hatch talks about his desire for a Richard Nixon/David Frost type interview for Tom Zarek in "Blood on the Scales," which aired this day in 2009.

Image: POTD - Paul Campbell on Billy's Death in Sacrifice.png

Caption: Paul Campbell discusses Billy Keikeya's death in "Sacrifice."[1]

Image: POTD - Richard Hatch reflects on Battlestar's impact in his life.png

Caption: In the years following his passing, we remember Richard Hatch's previous reflection on the impact Battlestar Galactica made upon his life.[2]

Image: POTD - Katee Sackhoff on Richard Hatch.png

Caption: Katee Sackhoff reflects on Richard Hatch's ability to make people feel important.[3]

Image: POTD - Dillon Discovers Coffee - GDE3.png

Caption: Galacticans Troy and Dillon discover coffee (1980: "Galactica Discovers Earth, Part III").

Image: POTD - Problems Aboard Galactica - Litmus.png

Caption: Airing back this day in 2005, "Litmus" illustrates the path Ron D. Moore and his crew set forth upon regarding the problems aboard Galactica.

Image: POTD - Moore on The Woman King's Message.png

Caption: Ron D. Moore comments on the messaging issues relating to "The Woman King" in his podcast on the episode.

Image: POTD - Cavil Doesn't Want to Be Human - No Exit.png

Caption: Airing this day in 2009, John Cavil makes his desires on not being made into a human for clear to Ellen Tigh in "No Exit."

Image: POTD - Eros Day.png

Caption: A joyous and delightful Eros Day to lovers across all colonies!

Image: Robyn Douglass - Messages for the Future - Meeting Glen Larson.png

Caption: Robyn Douglass recalls meeting Glen A. Larson and, unbeknownst to her, that being her audition for Galactica 1980 in her audio memoir, Messages for the Future: The Galactica 1980 Memoirs.

Image: Meshweaver - Scylla 8.jpg

Caption: A view of the Scylla model from Meshweaver.

Image: Meshweaver - Ice Planet - Candidate 9.jpg

Caption: A texture option for the unnamed ice planet seen in the "Razor Flashbacks."

Image: Kelly Harmon 2016.jpg

Caption: Original Series actress Kelly Harmon (Sarah Fowler) as of 2016 C.E.

Image: G80 - Captain Bannister.png

Caption: Air Force Captain Bannister reports to Colonel Jack Sydell as they investigate an UFO landing in a Southern California field (1980: "The Super Scouts, Part I").

Image: G80 - Donzo.png

Caption: Biker Donzo flanks Dillon in the Galactican's first excursion on California's highway (1980: "Galactica Discovers Earth, Part I").

Image: Caprica - Rebirth - Caesar.png

Caption: Caesar sits at the feet of Zoe-R, somehow able to recognize its possession by an avatar of the deceased Zoe Graystone (CAP: "Rebirth").

Image: BUCK WIKI Banner.png

Caption: Our sibling wiki, Buck Wiki, launches. There's a lot more in common with Buck Rogers and Battlestar Galactica than you might think!

Image: The Plan - Cavils En Route to Execution.jpeg

Caption: Two John Cavils, "Fleet Cavil" and "Caprica Cavil," en route to their execution as the Final Five watch their procession (TRS: "The Plan").

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Image: The Plan - Evacuation Raptor on Picon.jpeg

Caption: An Evacuation Raptor recovers survivors from Picon, in particular Ellen Tigh and John Cavil (TRS: "The Plan").

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