Messages for the Future: The Galactica 1980 Memoirs

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Messages for the Future: The Galactica 1980 Memoirs
"Messages for the Future: The Galactica 1980 Memoirs"
An album of the Galactica 1980 series
Album No. 1
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Artist(s) Robyn Douglass
Producer(s) Daniel Earnshaw
Label Explore Multimedia
Tracks 13
Running Time 00:44:00
Discs 1
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From Apollo to Tom Zarek: The Battlestar Galactica Memoirs Messages for the Future: The Galactica 1980 Memoirs
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Messages for the Future: The Galactica 1980 Memoirs is an audio memoir produced by Daniel Earnshaw and published by Explore Multimedia in January 2020, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of Galactica 1980. As with their previous release by Richard Hatch, this is an audio book memoir by the performer, actress Robyn Douglass (Jamie Hamilton, Galactica 1980), detailing her career and life.

It is available on both iTunes as a digital download and as a one-disc release in Compact Disc format.

Track Listing

  1. Becoming an Actress
    Track Time: 3m41s
    Summary: Douglass discusses her early childhood, knowing that she wanted to be an actress and performing little plays for the neighborhood. She segues into going to University of California to be a veterinarian, and picking up acting lessons following her transfer to University of California to study biology. She discusses picking up her stage name, and moving back to Chicago to stay with her aunt while studying acting at The Second City under Del Close and dancing at Hubbard Street Dance Company under Lou Conte.
  2. The Clone Master
    Track Time: 3m06s
    Summary: Douglass discusses auditioning for Dino De Laurentiis' film, Hurricane, and picking up another audition for her first science fiction TV movie of the week, The Clone Master. She recalls some of the embarrassment transpiring before and during the audition relating to her broken dress zipper, and how she endeavored to cover that up.
  3. Getting the Role
    Track Time: 1m57s
    Summary: Douglass covers being called to a meeting with Glen A. Larson, not realizing that she was auditioning for Galactica 1980.
  4. Meeting Cast Mates
    Track Time: 1m14s
    Summary: Douglass recalls meeting Lorne Greene (Adama), and bonding with him over their shared love for animals and work for the Humane Society. She also discusses meeting with Barry Van Dyke (Dillon) and Kent McCord (Troy).
  5. My First Scene
    Track Time: 2m57s
    Summary: Douglass recounts her first scene in "Galactica Discovers Earth, Part I," where she discusses her issues with stopping to hit her mark while driving a car.
  6. The First Episodes
    Track Time: 5m56s
    Summary: Douglass discusses shooting "Galactica Discovers Earth, Part II" and "III" on the backlot of Universal Studios, being fitted into Anne Lockhart's "Sheba" uniforms, and shooting "The Super Scouts" at the same time.
  7. Messages for the Future
    Track Time: 3m00s
    Summary: Douglass believes in the efficacy of the "educational beats" in each episode, tying them into the current socio-economic problems relating to nuclear power, global warming, and other environmental issues.
  8. Special Effects
    Track Time: 6m10s
    Summary: Douglass recounts shooting in the Viper for the first time with the blue-screen, in addition to the car chase in "Galactica Discovers Earth, Part I," and recording lines and screams in studio for looping. She also discusses Donna Garrett as being her stunt double on the series, and working with her for many years following 1980.
  9. Parents On Set
    Track Time: 4m00s
    Summary: Douglass discusses inviting her parents to watch the filming of her scenes in "Spaceball," and the incident that almost caused problems when they prematurely left the Universal Studios' Studio Tour.
  10. The Running Incident
    Track Time: 4m51s
    Summary: Douglass recounts an issue where she was tasked with running down a hill while filming "Galactica Discovers Earth," and being subsequently abandoned in the verdure.
  11. Cancellation
    Track Time: 1m14s
    Summary: Douglass discusses "The Day They Kidnapped Cleopatra," and hearing about the cancellation of the series.
  12. The A-Team
    Track Time: 2m31s
    Summary: Douglass recalls her trepidation on joining The A-Team due to the rumored issues that Mr. T and George Preppard had with actresses, and due to that focusing on acting in movies instead.
  13. Conclusion
    Track Time: 2m50s
    Summary: Final thoughts from Douglass herself regarding Galactica 1980's impact on promoting thoughtful ideas to aim for the betterment of humanity.

Press Release

From the product listing:

2020 release. Robyn Douglass is best known to sci-fi fans as Jamie Hamilton in Galactica 1980. In Messages for the Future, Robyn shares her recollections of her career building up to appearing in the show, her memories of being on set and her reflections on the show. These unique audio recordings were made in 2019 and we hear the recounting of previously unknown details about the show and Robyn Douglass' contribution to the Battlestar Galactica canon.[1]


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