Sarah Fowler

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Sarah Fowler
Sarah Fowler


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Introduced Greetings From Earth
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Children Charity, Todd and Walker
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Portrayed by Kelly Harmon
Sarah Fowler is a Cylon
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Sarah Fowler is a human female born on one of the Lunar Colonies.

Along with Michael and his only child, Fowler and her three children manage to escape the Eastern Alliance-dominated Lunar colony via the Lunar Shuttle Avion. Their destination is Paradeen, where her father, John Russel Fowler, and his two androids, Hector and Vector, built a house for them to reside in. Their plan is to get there, destroy the ship, and live out the rest of their lives without worrying about the Eastern Alliance. This plan might have worked without a hitch were they not encountered by the patrol of Apollo and Starbuck.

Sarah harbors negatively dismissive views on technology, due to the fact that she and her children were hindered by their inability to breathe in heavier atmospheres (thanks to Terran enhancements of those who wished to settle the Lunar colonies.) Due to this, she despises and feared all those who favor technology; though she doesn't seem to be able to back up her viewpoints due to an ignorant bias.

When they are intercepted by Apollo and Starbuck, she is the first to be revived from suspended animation by Michael, who knows that they are not where they are supposed to be. After Michael's glorified asthmatic episode, he and Sarah are placed in chambers set to their atmosphere pressure. With the help of Galactica's sympathetic crew, they are sent on to their destination, programmed automatically into the Avion's onboard computer.

After landing on Paradeen, and meandering about the surroundings, she discovers that her father died of natural causes. Later on, it is revealed to the Colonials (Cassiopeia, Starbuck and Apollo) that they were not related to one another at all. She proves to be over-protective of her children, doing her best to curtail all knowledge of Terra, for she didn't want her children knowing much about a planet they can never go back to.

She attempts a few advances on Apollo, expressing a wish to be his lover. She expresses to him her fear of Michael, due to his views about technology. Later on she admits that she was the one who damaged all the equipment onboard the two Vipers, though they can be salvaged to assemble enough working controls for one Viper. By doing thus, she presumes that she would maroon Apollo on Paradeen, so that he could spend the rest his life with her and her children. Michael chastises her while his mind is on the disappearance of Starbuck, who is lost in the catacombs of Paradeen City.

During the night, she and baby Walker are captured by the Leiter's Eastern Alliance's officers. She manages to reveal little, and is responsible for delaying the Eastern Alliance and effecting the escape of Baby Walker.

After the situation is resolved and the Easter Alliance enforcers are captured, she decides that she likes Michael and wants to stay with him (TOS: "Greetings From Earth").

Family tree

Sarah Fowler
Michael (in relationship only)


  • The last name of Sarah is assumed, given by the evidence provided by John Fowler's tombstone.
  • Actress Kelly Harmon is the sister of actor Mark Harmon and sister-in-law to Mork and Mindy star Pam Dawber.
  • Ms. Harmon might be remembered more to some for her series of 1990's-era commercials for the "Tic Tac" candies.