The Young Lords/Deleted scenes

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From the DVD set[edit]

From the episode script[edit]

  • This is the complete conversation that takes place between Starbuck and Boomer at the beginning.
Starbuck: "Boomer. I just reached a big decision. And I feel you should be the first to know."
Boomer: "There's only two of us out here."
Starbuck: (looks off) "See that red star forty degrees to port?"
Boomer: "Gotcha. What's the big decison?"
Starbuck: "I was staring at it... and from out of the blue, the words of my ol' flight instructor came back to me. (imitates old flight instructor) Starbuck, a Viper pilot only flies three Vipers; the one he trains in; the one he escapes from... and the one he dies in."
Boomer: (irritated) "Starbuck, it's been a long mission. You're tired."
Starbuck: "Gambling and socializing between alerts. That's the big decision. (beat) I'm giving them up."
Boomer: "The gambling...? A tiny maybe. But the socializing...? Uh, uh. (shakes his head) Not a chance."
Starbuck: "D'you wanna bet?"
Boomer: (suddenly alert) "Starbuck... the scanner!"
And then the Cylons attack.
  • As soon as Spectre orders the remaining Cylon raider to return to base, Boomer comes from behind and destroys it.
Boomer: (looks back over his shoulder) "That's for Starbuck."
  • In Adama's bed chambers, after Cassiopea says,
Cassiopea: "You won't be for long if you don't get some sleep",
Adama: (looking at Apollo) "Why people feel the compulsive need to continually offer advice to the sick is beyond me."
Cassiopea: "Because some people are too stubborn to take it!"
  • After Apollo says that he and Boomer will take a shuttle to go after Starbuck,
Adama: (looking at Athena and Cassiopea), "I don't suppose you could use an extra pilot and med tech?"
Apollo: (laughs) "No, sir."
Adama: (lies back weakly) "I thought you'd say that."
  • After Starbuck surrenders to the Cylons, he says,
Starbuck: "Take it easy, fellas. Let's not do something I'm going to regret."
Cylon Commander: "On your feet, humanoid."
Starbuck: "Easier said than done."
  • There is more dialogue after Starbuck tells the Cylon,
Starbuck: "At least we don't rust."
Starbuck: "Did you hear that?"
Cylon Commander: "What?"
Starbuck: "A squeak. (looks down) Sounded like your ankle. There it is again! I think you could use a little lubricant. Petro-based number seven ought to..."
Cylon Commander: "Silence!"
Starbuck: "Just trying to help."
  • After Kyle tells Starbuck he won't find better warriors in the galaxy than them, Miri says,
Miri: "You'll have to excuse Kyle. He thinks he's so... grown up since we let him play leader."
Kyle: "I do not play at being leader, Miri."
Starbuck: "No... You don't. You're really very good."
  • After Staruck and the children finish practicing their song inside the cave, the children laugh with elation.
Starbuck: "If nothing else... we sure sound good. (beat) Once more... all together."
We move in tight on the map scratched into the ground as...
ALL: (v.o.) "Through the tunnel, under the land..."
  • There is a final scene that occurs on Galactica bridge. Colonel Tigh is seated in Adama's chair addressing operations.
Omega: "Long-range scanner indicate distant activity in the Tau sector... six hectares."
Tigh: (crisp order) "Launch a patrol. Flight Sergeants Jolly and Giles --"
Rigel: "Short-range transmission from Captain Apollo's shuttle... mission successful... requesting vectors."
ON ADAMA - He is standing behind Tigh, just below the flying bridge. He smiles at the news. We pull back to see Tigh with his back to Adama.
Tigh: "We can't risk a transmission until we know what is in Tau sector. Launch a second patrol... Lieutenant Dietra and Athena. Have them establish visual contact and lead the shuttle home. (beat) What's the status of our number three pulse engine?"
Omega: "Three centares until repairs are completed."
Tigh: "Tell engineering they have one... we may have to move quickly."
Omega: "Yes, sir. I also have a request to close launch tubes six and eight for maintenance."
Tigh: "Only after number three engine is back on the line. (beat) Switch long-range scan to widesweep once the recon patrol is launched."
CLOSE ON ADAMA as he turns and quietly starts to leave the bridge. He runs right into Cassiopea.
Cassiopea: (sternly) "What do you think you're doing here... sir?"
Adama turns and looks at Tigh. ADAMA'S POINT OF VIEW - COLONEL TIGH'S BACK - Still giving orders... everything under control. BACK ON ADAMA AND CASSIOPEA -
Adama: (softly) "Why... Going to get some sleep."
He exits and we move in on Cassiopea's face... in shock. GALACTICA AND FLEET - FADE OUT - THE END
  • There is a slightly earlier script of this episode called The Young Warriors. In it, the planet Starbuck crashes on is called Trillion, not Atilla.