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For the pilot with the same callsign, see: Terra (pilot).
Galactica in orbit of Terra.

The planet Terra is home to the Terran Nationalists and the Eastern Alliance. The Eastern Alliance would have eliminated the Nationalists in a nuclear attack if not for the intervention of Apollo and Galactica. Despite hopes that Galactica had finally reached its destination, it is revealed that Terra is not Earth (TOS: "Experiment in Terra").

Colonists from Terra founded the Lunar Colonies. Galactica first encounters "Earthlings" when they discover a ship from the Lunar Colonies. The people aboard were attempting to flee the influence of the Eastern Alliance by traveling to Paradeen (TOS: "Greetings From Earth").

The Link to Earth[edit]

In the episodes "Greetings From Earth" and "Experiment in Terra" there are clues pointing to the people of Terra being descendants of the Thirteenth Tribe:

  • The names of Terrans are Earthling names (e.g. Michael, Brenda), with a first and last name that is consistent with a great deal of Earth's cultures.
  • Terra is Latin (and Gemonese) for Earth.
  • The Terrans have never heard of centons as the Terran Michael asks Apollo what a centon is.
  • Shots of Terra in "Experiment in Terra" look conspicuously like Earth herself, notably the North American continent.