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Introduced Greetings From Earth
Children Melanie
Marital Status Widowed, in relationship with Sarah Fowler
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Portrayed by Randolph Mantooth
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Originally hailing from Terra, Michael was the subject of experimentation by one of Terra's political divisions for life on the Lunar colonies. With Sarah Fowler, who was evidently an acquaintance, her children, as well as Melanie, they fled the Lunar colonies successfully via the Lunar Seven shuttle Lunar Avion he liberated for this purpose.

However, thanks to Lieutenant Starbuck and Captain Apollo, the ship is automatically intercepted and brought aboard the Galactica. The tampering of Doctor Wilker, despite his best efforts, accidentally revives Michael. He exits the craft through the decompression chamber, and stuns Reese after he doesn't heed Michael's warning. Michael's life is endangered due to the (relative) high-pressure of Galactica's life support systems.

When Apollo, Starbuck, Doctor Salik, and Cassiopeia return Michael to his ship, he demands to know what is going on and the reason his ship had been pulled off course. After being informed of the reasons, he arrives at the conclusion that there are similarities to his and the fleet's plights. He re-enters the cryogenic chamber, as does his companion, Sarah.

With the ship back in space and on its original course, it eventually reaches its destination, Paradeen. Upon landing on the planet, they discover that Sarah's father has died, and that the droids managed to finish building the house. Much to the surprise of the Colonials, Michael isn't actually Sarah's husband. His faith in technology and Terra put him at odds with her. An instance of this came when Hector and Vector wanted to perform a dance from the Royal Theater on Terra.

Upon discovering Hector's failure to deactivate and destroy the tracking beacon, he fears that it would herald the end of them all.

Michael later chastises Sarah for damaging the controls of both Vipers after discovering that she wants Apollo to stay on the planet for reasons of courtship. Subsequently, Michael accompanies the party that goes after Starbuck in the catacombs of the nearby major city.

Michael is also responsible for dealing with Leiter and his men. Interestingly enough, however, after Leiter and his men are dealt with, Sarah and Michael grow closer and she becomes less and less inclined to fight him (TOS: "Greetings From Earth").


  • Mantooth is probably best known for his role as John Gage, paramedic, on the series, Emergency!