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Introduced Greetings From Earth
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Role Council Security for the Quorum of Twelve
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Portrayed by Ron Kelly
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Council Security Officer Reese is a "Blackshirt."

He is a guy that people love to hate. Typical of other Council Security officers – arrogant and sarcastic – Reese behaves much like the Quorum he serves.

Reese thinks that Michael and his party (Sarah and the children) should be forcibly removed and thoroughly interrogated, and is impatiently annoyed at the cautious actions of Commander Adama and the Warriors.

Reese attempts to backup Starbuck, who wants to extradite the "Earthlings" from the ship. However, Starbuck won't have Reese's "assistance." In response, Reese threatens that he isn't the only one that is furious at Adama's inaction.

After the Quorum takes control of the situation and eventually requests a doctor and participating medtechs from the Rising Star, Reese is assigned to defend them. However, Michael has other plans, and threatens the observers in the bay with a stunning weapon. Michael thinks Reese to be a threat, for he tactlessly attempts to calm the asphyxiating Terran, and is stunned by Michael. The present medtechs treat Reese (TOS: "Greetings From Earth").

Reese is obviously more useful on the Prison Barge, as he is assigned there during Baltar's attempt to escape. He brings Adama news that the Quorum wants to see him post haste, and informs a grinning, sarcastic Baltar that he has mess duty again. Much to Baltar's pleasure, the Nomen manage to quickly quiet Reese and the other "Blackshirts" after the Nomen temporarily "die" (TOS: "Baltar's Escape").


Reese was obviously intended as a recurring character on Battlestar Galactica, and Ron Kelly seemed to enjoy the job.