Cylon Destructive Suicide Missions

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Cylon Destructive Suicide Missions
Conflict: Escape from the Cylons
Related Episode(s):
Place: Specific Location Unknown
Result: Cylon Raiders ram Galactica's brigde and landing bay
The Colonial Fleet Cylons
Commander Adama Command Centurion
Battlestar Galactica, all squadrons of Vipers more than 100 Cylon Raiders
Materiel Losses
No Vipers, Galactica is damaged Unknown number of Raiders (at least 9)
Galactica's some crew is injured Heavy losses
Battle Chronology
Previous Next
Battle of Gamoray Cylon Destructive Suicide Missions Escape from the Prison Barge

Colonel Tigh informs Commander Adama of incoming Cylon forces, possibly from a basestar they encountered 10 centars ago. Blue Squadron is launched. As Tigh and Adama study the scanner, they come to realize that they face a major attack rather than a mere combat probe. All squadrons are launched, and Galactica's compartments are sealed to protect against hull breaches. The Vipers engage a huge number of Cylon Raiders, which are not fighting back. The Vipers are destroying Raiders at will in numerous quantities, but two Raiders slip through the rain of Viper fire. One Raider heads toward Galactica's bridge, which closes its protective shield in defense. Apollo and Sheba close in and appear to destroy the Raider with laser fire. However, the destruction of the Raider occurs too close to the bridge, which suffers heavy damage, suffering explosions, fallen girders, and shattered glass. Starbuck tries but fails to destroy the other suicidal Raider. It successfully rams Galactica's port landing bay, causing massive explosions and damage throughout the ship.

(TOS: "Fire in Space")

Note: After this battle, not another combat happens between Colonials and Cylons, until Battle at Galaxy's Edge