Chapter Twelve - Galactica

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Chapter Twelve - Galactica
Conflict: First Cylon War
Related Episode(s):
Place: Caprica Terminal
Result: Recovery of Galactica
Colonial Fleet Cylons
Admiral Lucinda Cain Clothos
Materiel Losses
Various craft Various craft
Various personnel, civilians Various Cylons
Battle Chronology
Previous Next
Chapter Eleven - Sinon Quade Chapter Twelve - Galactica Chapter Thirteen - Marathon

Chapter Twelve - Galactica is a Battlestar Galactica Deadlock story mission, also dubbed "Battle at Caprica Terminal"[1] given that it occurs at Caprica Terminal.


Despite breaking their word to Clothos by order of Lucinda Cain, Clothos follows through with their part of the agreement to return Galactica and her surviving crew to Colonial Fleet. This redemption is staged at Caprica Terminal, which has since fallen silent.

Arrival at Caprica Terminal

A fleet commanded by Lucinda Cain jumps to Caprica Terminal twenty hours after the Terminal becomes silent, believing it to be a trap laid by the Cylons.

They find Galactica docked at the Terminal along with various derelict civilian crafts in the surrounding area. Launching a Raptor team with marines, the marines board the Terminal and establish communications with Praetor Samanta Agathon: she and the surviving Galactica crew are separated from their ship. Agathon advises that her crew needs time to board Galactica and leave the station.

Praetor Agathon's crew readies Galactica as a Cylon fleet jumps in and engage, while Agathon herself remains behind on Caprica Terminal to investigate something that they have come across.

As the Colonial Fleet's ships draw closer, they discover that the disabled civilian crafts have been rigged to explode like proximity mines.

Colonial Fleet engages the Cylons about Caprica Terminal, with Agathon reporting that the Terminal itself has been used by the Cylons to create interference and false data in the IDRIS network to undermine navigational data throughout Cyrannus.


Colonial Fleet thwarts the Cylon trap, destroys Caprica Terminal in order to prevent IDRIS from being further compromised by the Cylons, and successfully recovers Galactica and her surviving crew.

Mission Briefing

Mission briefing by Helena Agathon.

Mission Recording

Mission battle sequence with dialogue interspersed, featuring Helena Agathon, Samanta Agathon, and Lucinda Cain.[2]

Game Rewards

This mission provides the following rewards upon completion:


  1. This is a Battlestar Wiki descriptive term.
  2. Note that battle sequences are affected by strategies deployed by the game participant, and thus different ships and battle scenarios make this particular sequence unique to this particular gaming session.
  3. This is not mentioned in the Mission Briefing, but Galactica becomes a playable unit (under the command of Silas Nash) after this mission's conclusion.