Skirmish Over Scorpia

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Skirmish Over Scorpia
Three Cylon Arachnes open fire on a secondary shipyard and the rapidly pressed-into-service battlestar Minerva.
Three Cylon Arachnes open fire on a secondary shipyard and the rapidly pressed-into-service battlestar Minerva.
Conflict: First Cylon War
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Place: Planetary orbit of Scorpia
Result: Draw
  • Secondary shipyard destroyed.
  • Attacking Arachnes destroyed.
  • Offensive potential of Minerva-class against capital ships proven.
Colonial Fleet Cylons
Secondary Shipyard, battlestar Minerva 3 Arachnes
Materiel Losses
Secondary Shipyard 3 Arachnes
Battle Chronology
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Skirmish Over Scorpia

The Skirmish over Scopria takes place during the First Cylon War. In one of the many attacks during the war, Cylons attack a secondary shipyard over Scorpia, where battlestar Minerva is berthed during its construction.


In order to diminish Colonial military assets, Cylons repeatedly attack supply lines and construction facilities aiding in the Colonial war effort. While the Colonials make use of mobile, FTL-capable shipyards (e.g. Daidalos), stationary shipyards over Scorpia are prime targets of opportunity.


During the later-stages of construction on Battlestar Group 84's Minerva, three Cylon Arachnes launch their attack on the secondary shipyard. This forces an incomplete Minerva to launch in a defensive attempt to protect their berth, but the ship's limited armor and defensive abilities make this impossible.

Immediately following the destruction of the shipyard, Minerva's commander launches a retaliatory offensive campaign, using the burning wreckage of the shipyard as buffer between them and the Cylon force. Utilizing its large offensive potential fostered by its heavy weaponry and missile launchers, Minerva is able to quickly dispatch all three Arachnes through a rapid series of volleys (Battlestar Galactica Deadlock: The Broken Alliance).

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Spacedock breakdown video for this ship, which details the skirmish at 01m51s. Authorized by Slitherine Ltd. and Black Lab Games.



The offensive potential of Minerva demonstrates the light battlestar's abilities on the field, which results in Colonial Fleet commissioning additional Minerva-class battlestars for the war effort as capital ship killers (Battlestar Galactica Deadlock: The Broken Alliance).