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IDRIS is an acronym for the system in use by the Colonials to handle FTL jump calculations within Cyrannus. At its core, it is a complex networked computerized system that aggregates and calculates information recorded via sensors, broadcast relays, and astrological and ship-transit databases.[1]

This form of crowd computing allows FTL capable ships to extend the Red Line considerably, as ship-based computers consist of possibly outdated information that would reduce the Red Line. Extension of the Red Line allows for longer jumps, whereas reduction adds additional jumps and re-calculations for each jump, and thus IDRIS eliminates and optimizes jumps with crowd sourced information.

IDRIS and the Cylon War[edit]

As the First Cylon War waged onward and outward throughout Cyrannus, Cylons began attacking this system to hinder the Colonial's war effort as Colonial Fleet and the Articles of Colonization were established.

The first of the known cyber-warfare attacks against IDRIS spawns the Skirmish at Caprica Terminal, where Cylons attempt to keep Daidalos within the Helios Alpha system following the delivery of Athena to Picon. This attempt leads to the destruction of affected satellites, and the increased use of planets in the Starlanes between the Helioses due to IDRIS's diminished performance.

The second major attempt occurs at Caprica Terminal, where Clothos returns Galactica and her remaining crew there. During the recovery of Galactica, Praetor Samanta Agathon of the Caprican Legionnaires discovers the addition of networked terminals throughout the station broadcasting erroneous waste data into IDRIS. As a result of this pervasive threat, Agathon orders the destruction of Caprica Terminal.

The Colonies later dismantle the entire system to prevent further Cylon cyber warfare attacks (Battlestar Galactica Deadlock).