First Cylon War (Deadlock)

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First Cylon War (Deadlock)
A Cylon fleet bombards Picon from orbit.
A Cylon fleet bombards Picon from orbit.
A Cylon fleet bombards Picon from orbit.
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Date: YR48-YR60 (52 BCH-40 BCH)
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Place: Throughout Cyrannus
Result: Armistice declared
  • Cylon contact with Final Five
  • Beginning of 40 year Cylon seclusion
  • Construction of Cylon Colony
  • Creation of "Significant Seven" humanoid Cylons
  • Creation of Colonial Armistice Station
  • Creation of the Armistice Line
Twelve Colonies of Kobol Cylons
numerous battlestars, numerous support vessels, numerous Vipers, numerous scouts, Colonial Marines numerous basestars, numerous support vessels, numerous Raiders, numerous scouts, Centurion troops
Materiel Losses
Significant Significant
Battle Chronology
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The Cylon War, later referred to as the First Cylon War, is a twelve-year major conflict between the humans of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol and their creations, the Cylons. A definitive point in history for both humanity and the Cylons, the Cylon War paves the way for the Fall of the Twelve Colonies more than forty years later.

Early Years[edit]

A summary of the conflict up to the Flight of Daidalos.

Initially referred to as the Cylon uprising, the Cylons began warring with their creators in what is an overall protracted stalemate.

In response, the Articles of Colonization were created to assist in fighting the menace. As an incentive to sign, each Colony is offered its own Jupiter-class battlestar as part of its own military force, under the aegis of Colonial Fleet. The first of the Jupiters, Galactica, launches under the command of Admiral Jubal Sarkis and disappears two weeks following its depolyment.

Despite resistance, four additional Jupiters continue to launch, including Picon's Athena.

The Cylons attack Picon Fleet Headquarters just days prior to Athena's delivery to Picon's defense fleet.