Lucinda Cain

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Lucinda Cain
Lucinda Cain


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Introduced Battlestar Galactica Deadlock
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Portrayed by Bennett Cousins
Lucinda Cain is a Cylon
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Rear Admiral Lucinda Cain is operations director of Project Jupiter during the First Cylon War.

Following the Destruction of Picon Fleet Headquarters, Cain assumes command of Colonial Fleet and marshals a force capable of defending against the Cylon threat (Battlestar Galactica Deadlock).

During the fall of the Daidalos Shipyard, Lucinda stepped down from command of Colonial Fleet. At first assumed missing during the fall of Daidalos, she somehow survived its fall and reappears in the 10th year of the war as the field commander of the Ghost Fleet Offensive under Admiral Sarkis who had by then taken over command of the entire Colonial Fleet. When she reappears as field commander of the Ghost Fleet, she is shown to have suffered greivous injuries including half of her right arm missing and scars across her face.

In a conversation with Helena Agathon, Lucinda reveals that she has a granddaughter by the name of Helena Cain.

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