Chapter One - Daidalos

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Chapter One - Daidalos
Conflict: First Cylon War
Related Episode(s):
Place: Scorpia Shipyard
Result: Successful defense of Daidalos and flight from Helios Delta
Colonial Fleet Cylons
Admiral Lucinda Cain Clothos[1]
Two Manticores, Lancer and Perses Two Nemeses
Materiel Losses
None Two Nemeses
Various personnel Various Cylons
Battle Chronology
Previous Next
Destruction of Picon Fleet Headquarters Chapter One - Daidalos Chapter Two - Athena

Chapter One - Daidalos is a Battlestar Galactica Deadlock story mission, also dubbed "Flight of Daidalos"[2] given that it deals with Daidalos's eventual flight from Scorpia.

It is the first of four tutorial missions and thus may be bypassed by players starting a new campaign, assuming they have played Deadlock previously.


Following the Destruction of Picon Fleet Headquarters and the loss of the Admiralty, Lucinda Cain assumes the rank of fleet admiral and uses Daidalos as the ad-hoc headquarters for Colonial Fleet.


Two Nemesis craft jump in to attack Daidalos directly, which is aptly defended by two Manticores, Lancer and Perses.


The operation commander of Daidalos is able to thwart the Cylon attack and destroy the enemy, thus being able to jump to Picon without being tracked by Cylons.

Mission Briefing[edit]

Mission briefing by Helena Agathon.

Game Rewards[edit]

As this is a tutorial mission, game rewards are not shared in the briefing.


  1. This is not revealed until later in the game.
  2. This is a Battlestar Wiki descriptive term.