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In-game mechanics for Battlestar Galactica Deadlock make use of resources, which are acquired based on the performance of the player, how well they defend and fortify the Colonies, and completion of missions.

In-game modifiers, such as simply anchoring Daidalos to a certain Colony in Cyrannus, alter not only the intake of such resources but also their redemption. (See: Daidalos Bonus)

Requisition Points

Requisition Points allow the end user to unlock blueprints, as well as both recruiting new officers and promoting current officers of Colonial Fleet.

They are earned through the completion of both Story Missions and Resource Missions.[1]


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As the primary fuel of Colonial propulsion systems, Colonial Fleet is reliant on stipends of refined tylium in order to construct new ships (at either a standard or expedited "rush" pace[2] ), maintain current fleets, replenish war materiel, and FTL jumps of task forces. Thus it is the primary commodity traded between the Colonies.[3]

Tylium stations are often prime strategic targets of opportunity for both sides in the First Cylon War.