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Ghosts #2
Ghosts #2
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 2
Writer(s) Brandon Jerwa
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Penciller(s) Jonathan Lau
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Population 0 Survivors
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Chronicling the tale of the Ghost Squadron, the Ghosts find themselves needing to work with thieves in order to survive.


Day Zero

  • Therion finds itself unable to effect an effective defensive posture against the Cylon basestars. Ghost Leader Alexander Chen asks for permission to go weapons free, however Commander Burkett orders the opposite, informing him that their stealth fighters are the only advantage they have until they can regroup.
  • Colonel Regus orders that the FTLs be spun up, but this is impossible as the automated coordinate mapping system has gone offline, along with the network connection between FTL and the Command Navigation Program. With no other viable option, Burkett orders Therion's guns to open fire on the inbound Cylon Raiders.
  • Burkett orders Ghost Squadron to go off after two objectives: to find a viable jump point and transmit a beacon back to Therion and to pursue and board Orion, believing that Orion and its crew are members of the Children of Erebus and may be in league with the Cylons.
  • Chen orders the Viper Gunships to find the jump point, while the rest go after Orion.
  • On Orion, Sora Tyler and Ronnie Dyson witness the fight shaping up over Aquaria when a proximity alarm goes off. Dyson checks DRADIS, only to find that there's nothing but civilian traffic and the ongoing engagement, despite residual FTL energy residue around the ship.
  • The proximity alarm is set off by Chen, the Vipers, and the Raptor Ultra that's about to breach Orion's hull. With Orion's FTL jammed, the ship is unable to escape via hyperlight. Once the docking collar is deployed and locked, the Ghost's Colonial Marines begin their breach.
  • Away from the engagement zone, Lieutenants Myer Castall and Jorianne Landry feed Therion the coordinates to a clean FTL jump point. At Burkett's order, Therion jumps.
  • On one of the Cylon baseships, a Number Two asks the group of Significant Seven how Therion was able to jump. A Number Three replies that the backdoor works gradually and affects each network a different way. Anyway, she is unconcerned as she notes that the battlestar will find itself dead in the water soon enough.
  • Therion successfully jumps and deploys its air wing. The Ghosts' jumpships are ordered to jump away as a new wave of Raiders are inbound.
  • As the jumpships reach Orion, the two actual members of the Children of Erebus—Issac Shanto and Ismel Shanto, both brothers—hold Arvin Tyler and the other passengers at gunpoint. Tyler fails to talk them down as the two terrorists are livid over the fact that Tyler and his crew stole supplies and used their name to do it. Before they continue, Peter Gilmour pulls a gun on Issac and tells them to lower the guns.
  • On the Raptor Ultra, Brasco informs Chen that his marines are down the tunnel and are boarding the ship.
  • In the passenger area, Issac tells Ismel to give his gun to Captain Tyler. Ismel tells Tyler that he's a dead man, to which Tyler replies that he should get in line.
  • As Tyler begins to address the passengers, the Marines storm the room and order everyone to put up their hands.
  • Meanwhile, Therion and its air wing are taking a beating: for every Raider they take out, six more pop up to replace it. Therion is losing its computer interface at an astronomical rate, and may not be able to turn the tie with such strictures.
  • Therion's CAG notes that his Vipers have broken through the Cylons' lines, having scored major hits against one of the basestars. Therion is struck by nuclear payloads while two more Vipers are lost.
  • In Therion's CIC, Regus orders a fire team to deal with the burning-out consoles in CIC.
  • The battle soon ends when the Cylons get tired of dealing with the active Vipers impeding on their attack, and order the Raiders to send out a virus to disable them. The Vipers lose all control and Therion finds itself without computer control, as all computer connections have been severed.
  • Goedken and Ryden argue with Chen over getting into the fight; Chen orders them to obey their original orders and not engage the Cylons. They do not acknowledge Chen and engage the Raiders. Ryden is subsequently destroyed, as is Goedken's jumpship as it spirals out of control.
  • A Cylon baseship jumps into proximity and begins nuking Therion as Burkett addresses his crew about their dire situation. Therion is destroyed in short order.
  • As Dyson and Sora discover their FTL is being jammed, Sergeant Glenn and his men secure the command center. Chen orders him to stand by at the FTL station and prepare to jump the ship, as they need to leave immediately.
  • On a baseship, Number One notes that there's FTL activity around one of the civilian ships in orbit, but no corresponding DRADIS readings. Number Five surmises that they may be stealth craft and as Raiders move in to investigate, both the Ghosts and Orion jump away.
  • The Cylons note this, but Number Three notes that this is of no consequence as there are assets in place to control the “little pocket of resistance.” She orders that a covert team of Centurions go to the surface of Aquaria, which subsequently occurs.
  • In Orion's command center, Glenn notes the presence of old model Centurions; Sora informs him that they are left-overs from the Cylon War that were found on Sagittaron and have since been gutted and rewired by Dyson to serve as autopilots.
  • With the skies clear, the Ghosts and their ships board Orion. During this, Brukka gives the marines a snide comment, replying with a jolt from a taser.
  • Upon leaving his Viper, Chen orders the marines to secure the passengers and crew in one area and prep a secure room for questioning. The marines comment that they hope Orion's crew are working with the Cylons, so that they can tear each one apart piece by piece. Meanwhile, they also conduct a full security sweep, not realizing that they have yet to find Teresa Manning—herself a humanoid Cylon.
  • In a room set aside for interrogation, Chen beats around Tyler, until Tyler confesses that they are not members of the Children of Erebus, but are merely thieves. He informs him of their heist of medical supplies, noting that his “dumb-ass partner” Ronnie Dyson stupidly threw the Children of Erebus's name in to scare people. Tyler accepts full responsibility for his actions and asks Chen to let him protect his crew. Chen laments, admitting they could use Tyler and his crew's help—but warns Tyler that if he should cross him, he'll kill him.
  • In a rec area, the Ghosts lament over the deaths of Modeen, Ryden and Goedken. Landry and Castall discuss their children. Castall consoles his wife, saying that their children are all right. Meanwhile, a pilot consoles Arkat as he looks at a picture of his wife, Lisa, taken during their one-year anniversary on Caprica. Arkat voices his belief that she is all right.
  • In Orion's cargo bay, Chen briefs both his military personnel and Orion's civilian passengers and crew. Chen tells them that they have no news on the battle and are forced to assume a worst-case scenario and act accordingly. He notifies them that Orion is under military control and, while promising to not head into a battle to get them killed, notes that they have protocols they must follow and expects the civilians to accommodate them.
  • Chen then orders Ismel and Issac Shanto, already shackled, to come forward. Chen begins questioning them, to which he receives a scathing reply from Issac. Chen shoots Issac in the leg, forcing him down. Issac tells Ismel to say nothing, to which Chen replies by shooting Issac's leg again. Ismel quickly buckles, telling Chen that he'll tell him whatever he wants.
  • After Chen orders Ismel to the interrogation room, he asks Tyler if he has a ship's doctor. Tyler replies in the negative, although Kiplinn Rao and her husband, Ian, volunteer their services as they are medical students.
  • Chen gets the agreement of Tyler's crew to help. Sora hugs Tyler, asking him about Teresa, to which he replies that it's best not to mention her as they may need a wild card.
  • Peter Gilmour offers his services to Chen, and Chen accepts after finding out that he is a member of Kobol's Knights, as evidenced by the tattoo on Gilmour's left arm.
  • As he and the other Ghosts walk away, Chen asks Dozil Pennit if he's okay. Pennit replies that he doesn't know, and that the events of the last few hours are a lot to take in. He expresses his doubts as to whether or not he truly knows who he is. Chen understands and offers to be there for Pennit, should he wish to talk.
  • On a baseship, its Hybrid babbles about the activation of the sleeper—the Number Two known as Dozil Pennit—but with the aid of another to walk him down the path. In the Hybrid's chamber, a Two and Three are talking. Two asks why they do not send patrol ships after Orion, to which Three replies that they have an opportunity to study humanity in a controlled environment. She believes they can afford to do this until they have a good reason to not do so. They begin to make out in the presence of the Hybrid.
  • On Orion, Chen asks Pennit if he is coming along. He says he just thought he saw something down below, but dismissed it as a figment of his imagination, not realizing that he saw Teresa Manning with gun in hand, looking up at him.



  • Did Three send down a contingent of covert Centurions to Aquaria to go after Medusa?
  • Now that Chen has military control of Orion, what precisely is his next move?
  • What precisely were the Kobol's Knights? A special branch of marines (e.g. Navy Seals)?

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