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Ghosts #1
Ghosts #1
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 1
Writer(s) Brandon Jerwa
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Penciller(s) Jonathan Lau
Colorist(s) Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Letterer(s) Simon Bowland
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Cover Artist(s) Dennis Calero
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Published September 2008
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Population 0 Survivors
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Just prior to the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, the smuggling ship Orion pulls off a heist on Aquaria, while the Ghost Squadron receives word of the Cylon's offensive against the Colonies.


Pre-Day Zero

  • Prior to their attack, a group of Significant Seven Cylons are in the midst of debating whether or not they will attack the Colonies. Number Three enters, asking why they continue to belabor the question. Number Five replies that deciding to wipe out an entire race is not an issue to be discussed lightly, but notes that the Fives agree with the decision.
  • As no other copies decide to speak up on the issue, the decision to wage war on humanity is unanimous.
  • On the civilian passenger transport ship, Orion, Captain Arvin Tyler is being summoned over the intercom while having sex with Teresa Manning, a copy of Number Three. Manning asks whether they should stop, but Tyler insists that there is no reason to do so. She then asks Tyler if she makes him happy, which he replies to in the positive. Their fornication is interrupted when Sora Tyler knocks on the door.
  • Tyler's ex-wife, Sora, acknowledges that he is occupied, but notes that the summons may be of importance, and had informed Ronnie Dyson that she'd come and get Tyler.
  • After reporting to the bridge, Tyler discovers that it is not an emergency. Dyson reports that they're an hour out from Aquaria and are coasting their way in, so as to avoid any unnecessary attention. After asking about having time for personal business on planet, Dyson confirms they have an hour or two for personal business. Dyson then asks Tyler about taking on passengers, which Tyler confirms they should, if circumstances allow.
  • Tyler asks after one of the pilots—modified old-style Centurions plugged into consoles—that may be malfunctioning, but he notes that it's just a glitch that they needn't worry about.
  • As Tyler leaves to prep their drop ship, Sword, Dyson makes a crack about Tyson's lack of pants. Sora follows Tyler, asking about Tyler visiting his father on Aquaria. Tyler wants to avoid a fight with his ex-wife, but answers her question, and asking if she would like to accompany him. She replies that there's no reason to do so, as neither of them consider her Tyler's wife.

Day Zero

  • On Day Zero, Tyson visits his father, Arco Tyler at the Aquaria City Extended Care Medical Center. As Tyler talks to his father—who suffers from loss of memory and dementia—the topic of Tyler's mother comes up, and he has to tell Arco that she's been gone a long time. Tyler also tells Arco that he's going to try to get a better doctor for him.
  • After fetching Arco water, Arco refuses to swallow water and he calls out for the nurse, Helen, who gives Arco an injection that'll help him rest. Tyler turns away, as Arco mumbles about his boy being there, and his wife coming soon thereafter.
  • After Captain Alexander Chen of Ghost Squadron requests and receives landing clearance, his squadron lands on the Mercury class battlestar Therion. Upon landing, they receive word that shore leave on Picon has been canceled and they are heading towards Aquaria.
  • Lieutenants Jorianne Landry and Myer Castall, who are both married, note that their sons will have to spend time with Castall's father for a while longer, which Landry notes that they'll love. After this, Dozil Pennit is told to move his ass, to which Pennit—a Number Two copy—replies that greatness cannot be rushed.
  • Ghost Squadron is summarily ordered to a briefing, where Commander Burkett introduces Colonel Regus, and congratulates Chen and the Ghosts on their work against Gemenese pilots, noting the fact that the pirates's leader is "seeking medical attention for the size-twelve boot" Chen placed his hindquarters.
  • After the praise, Burkett briefs them on Medusa, the crown jewel of the Colonial Military's new nuclear initiative and the fact that the highly dangerous Children of Erebus terrorist group are after it. The Ghosts are to provide security for the test launch of the weapon, which may very well have live nuclear warheads, hence the decision to head straight to Aquaria.
  • On Aquaria, Tyler and Helen talk about Arco, noting that his condition has been deteriorating over the past few weeks. He thanks her for everything she does, and meets up with Dyson, who is reading news about the Children of Erebus and their apparent presence in Aquaria City. They then prepare to execute their heist, taking a medical supply truck's valuable supplies. During the heist, Dyson claims that they are the Children of Erebus taking supplies for the revolution, and they speed away as the original drivers and laborers working on unloading the truck call the authorities.
  • As they head toward the spaceport with their heist, Tyson rebukes Dyson for his use of the Children of Erebus in the heist, but Dyson brushes this off, saying that they'll get away with it.
  • Upon getting to the spaceport, where Sword is birthed, Brukka informs them that they picked up five passengers who are headed towards Caprica, and have already ferried them to Orion.
  • In orbit, Therion receives a call from Aquarion Ground Control, wishing to speak to Commander Burkett directly. Burkett is notified of the recent heist and orders Chen and the Ghosts to launch. The marines board their Raptor drop ship and launch.
  • On planet, Aquarion Ground Control notes that they've received intel on the presence of the Children of Erebus, and have scrubbed the test run. Civil Defense has begun grounding all air traffic and the Ghosts are ordered to intercept any ship attempting to escape.
  • Despite orders to land, Sword executes a jump, landing them square in the Ghosts's sights. Landry and Castall order Sword to stand down, while Dyson tries to stall.
  • In Therion's CIC, Regus furnishes pictures of the ship and the stolen medical supply truck to Burkett. Having positively identified the ship, Burkett relays this new information to the Ghosts; Captain Chen orders Sword's crew to surrender or they'll be blown out of the sky.
  • Behind Chen, Orion jumps in, disorienting Chen. As Chen attempts to recover, Burkett relays orders for their return to Therion, notifying them that the Colonies are being attacked and that Admiral Nagala has taken charge of the Colonial Fleet, ordering all ships to regroup and assist in the fight. As the Ghosts head back to Therion, three Cylon basestars jump in around them.
  • Counting their blessings, Sword's crew land on Orion, where they are met by Manning. After a hug, Manning tells Tyson that one of the passengers is demanding to speak to him. Tyson moves to do so, having ordered Dyson and Brukka to stow their stolen goods in hiding places below decks, and to jettison the truck once they are in empty space.
  • Tyson introduces himself to the passengers, meeting Ian Rao and his wife, Kiplinn, and Peter Gilmour, as well as two men who have not identified themselves. The stubble-faced man asks Tyler on his alleged involvement with a theft of medical supplies as part of the Children of Erebus terrorist group. Tyler assures these passengers that no such thing happened, and that there are no members of that terrorist group aboard. In response, the stubble-faced man notes that they are wrong about that, as both he and his brother reveal their handguns, with Tyler facing the wrong end of the terrorist's gun.


A "hidden" message written in the starfield on page 30 of the issue.
  • As writer Brandon Jerwa noted, the Ghosts were intended to be stationed aboard Pegasus, as was noted in his original pitch. This piece is later picked up in the marketing for the book, but is erroneous, as this was changed during scripting.[1]
  • On page 30 of this issue, a message written in the starfield near the bottom of the page reads "Mulong (hearts) Rayann".


  • The story of yet another battlestar surviving the Fall of the Twelve Colonies is a common (and over-used) story idea by most fan fiction writers who write tales based in both the re-imagined and original series universes. As is the case, there are a certain segment of fans who feel that this is an overrated story idea, if not clichéd.


  • Do Teresa Manning and Dozil Pennit know of their Cylon nature?
  • What do the Children of Erebus want with Orion and her crew?
  • Given the status of D'Anna Biers as a well-known tabloid journalist, wouldn't Arvin Tyler or another member of the crew have noted the similarities between Biers and Manning?
  • Given the laws against artificial intelligence, why would a civilian ship—particularly one engaged in black market operations—risk having Cylon machines as pilots?


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