Arvin Tyler

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Arvin Tyler is the captain of Orion, who owns the ship with his ex-wife, Sora Tyler.

Prior to the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, Tyler and his crew's occupation was in black market smuggling and theft, which allows Tyler to help support his ailing father, Arco Tyler, who is hospitalized in the Aquaria City Extended Care Medical Center. Further, despite Tyler separating from his wife, who is also aboard ship, he engages in intimate relations with another crew member, Teresa Manning.

Immediately preceding the Fall, Tyler visits his father for the last time, intending on moving him to a better medical center. In order to do this, he and his partner, Ronnie Dyson steal a medical supply truck with contents that they believe to be highly valuable on the black market. During this heist, Dyson claims that they take the supplies for the Children of Erebus terrorist group, not knowing that the passengers that they've taken on at Aquaria are members of this terrorist cell—until one of them points a gun in his face (Battlestar Galactica: Ghosts 1).