Battle of Otarsis Quadrant

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Battle of Otarsis Quadrant
Battle of Otarsis Quadrant
Battle of Otarsis Quadrant
Battle of Otarsis Quadrant
Conflict: Escape from the Cylons
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Place: Otarsis Quadrant & Otarsis Quadrant asteroid, Sector Delta 5
Result: Decisive Colonial victory
The Colonial Fleet Cylons
Captain Apollo Unknown Cylon Commander
Blue Squadron Vipers, Non-combatant Medical Shuttle A squadron of Cylon Raiders
Materiel Losses
None All Raiders destroyed
None Cylon listening post destroyed
Battle Chronology
Previous Next
Battle of Carillon Battle of Otarsis Quadrant Battle of Kobol

The Battle for Otarsis Quadrant is a result of Doctor Salik's need to discover the source of the mysterious infection that has downed almost all of Galactica's seasoned Viper pilots.

With a fresh crew of female Warriors, former shuttle pilots with no Cylon battle experience, the replacement Blue Squadron is tasked with protecting Salik's medical shuttle.

The squadron, commanded by Captain Apollo and his second, Lieutenant Starbuck, lead the squadron into Otarsis Quadrant. Detecting the asteroid in Sector Delta 5, Apollo orders the squadron to stay out of the Cylon listening post's scanning range at Omega 4, and attempts a low-level, solo approach from the other side of the asteroid in an attempt to sneak attack the base before it launches Raiders, so as to protect the squadron. Despite objections from Lieutenant Deitra, Apollo proceeds.

As Apollo executes his plan, Lieutenant Brie detects a blip on the scanner coming from Tau Quadrant, rear of their position. Starbuck informs her that it is the shuttle; Brie reports that the blip is closing in on their position. Starbuck scans the incoming blip, his warbook confirming that it is a Cylon Raider. Starbuck orders Deitra to assume command of the squadron, while he and his wingman, Athena, move to intecept.

Upon assuming command, Deitra orders the squadron to form on her, and takes them towards the asteroid. Starbuck destroys the fighter, though not in time to prevent the Raider from warning the base. Starbuck and Athena turbo towards the asteroid, knowing that Apollo will need their assistance.

On the asteroid, Apollo flies toward the base, using a canyon leading towards it as cover. Upon approach, the base's launch bays begin to open and a squadron of Raiders launches. Apollo takes out a launching Raider before firing his thrusters, although he is pursued by an enemy fighter that also launches from the base. Apollo warns the squadron that the Cylons are launching fighters and orders a return to Galactica; Apollo's Viper is hit, though still able to fly.

Deitra disregards the order. Under her command, Blue Squadron engages the fighters, with Deitra taking out the Raider pursuing Apollo. During the fight, Deitra, Serina and Brie make their first kills, while Apollo resumes his attack on the base. Firing into the launch bay, Apollo destroys the listening post and notifies the medical shuttle that the asteroid is secure, allowing Salik to explore the asteroid and later discover a cure for the infection.

The attack diminishes Baltar's ability to track the Fleet in that area (TOS: "Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I").