Otarsis Quadrant

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Three celestial bodies in Otarsis.[1]

Otarsis Quadrant is an area of space in the Cyrannus galaxy (TOS: "The Long Patrol") consisting of at least three celestial bodies. Two appear to be planetoids, while one appears to be a satellite orbiting a green planet, which appear to orbit a star.

A Cylon listening post is located on the green planet, which Lieutenant Boomer refers to as an "asteroid".

Colonel Tigh considers the path through Otarsis to be a better route than the magnetic void detected by Patrol One, consisting of Starbuck and Apollo, in the neighboring Epsilon Quadrant (TOS: "Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I").

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  1. The same image was also reused (now as planet Equellus) in "The Lost Warrior" as well as in "Saga of a Star World" where the large planet in the middle apparently was a devastated Colonial homeworld.